HaPpY mOtHeR’s DaY

My mommy and me.

my mom. so much to say about my mom. she is my best friend. my biggest fan. my support at every moment in my life. she is my example of a God-fearing woman. she is my rold model. she is my personal weather lady. she is my personal security – always making me call when i get there. she is my personal shopper – even when I tell her to stop. she is a great singer, at least i thought so when i was an infant. she makes me laugh when i don’t want to. she cries with me and for me when needed. she is my counselor. she is my advisor. she is always willing to go out of her way for anyone. she has the biggest servant’s heart i have ever seen. she is my dinner date (i love when this happens).

she now has a new son, jacob, and she has been the best mother to him as well. she has accepted him and loved him just as i have.

There are so many stories i have in my heart about my mom. One story that came to mind happened a long while back. i was about 10ish.  It was recital day. If you have never experienced a dance recital dance – it’s INSANE!! The dancer is crazy, nervous, ansy, moody, etc. and the mom is so frantic and worried she forgot something the entire time. So, this particular recital I was to be on of the gingerbread man from the Hansel and Gretal story. The costume was a white tutu and leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and this Gingerbread man hat/head/creation. My performance was in the evening, but they had a recital of the same dances/costumes for the morning as well.  As me and my mom tend to do, we arrived early, before the other dancers had finished and cleared out.  We unloaded all the costumes, make-up, teachers’ presents, and whatever we brought.  We set it in the dressing room with happened to be the morning’s gingerbread men dressing room, too.  We went out of the room to find our family who were coming and reserve their seats in the audience. When we came back to the room… my precious gingerbread costume was… GONE! We think someone must have picked it up when leaving thinking that it was their outfit. It wasn’t, it was mine. I was devasted and hysterical. I was going to look CRAZY on stage without the gingerbread man head. Everyone was going to know that I didn’t have my costume and I didn’t belong! But, my amazing mom came to the rescue. Her and my teacher went searching the whole building at Samford University for a substitute costume. She found an all white costume that would do.  That’s not all and that’s not what helped. She then told me that I wouldn’t look weird, I would look like the Gingerbread Princess. She told me that I would be special, not crazy.  She reassured me, made me laughed, and cheered me on the stage. I danced as the Gingerbread Princess. I smiled. I loved it.

That is just one of the countless stories of my mom and her love for me. I love you mom! You are wonderful.

I also love my new mommy and family. Here are pictures of the wonderful “moms” in my life:

Happy Mother’s Day

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