Walk a Mile in Our fLiP-fLoPs

Just got back from the amazing beach with my wonderful momma. We went for a LONG weekend to rest, relax, rest some more, read some books, and EAT YUMMY SEAFOOD. And we did just that! It was wonderful. The weather was perfect – sun, no clouds, breezy, and warm. Conversations were great. The food was SUPERB – especially The BackPorch’s Lobster stuffed Mahi-Mahi!!  Best I’ve ever eaten! But the best part was just time with my mom. It doesn’t happen often.

On Saturday morning, Jacob called after pulling an all-nighter to cook Boston Butts for a youth group fund-raiser.  He said he didn’t have anything to do all day, I jokingly suggested he drive down to the beach for the day and night. HE AGREED! haha! So, on 3 hours sleep, he drove down! So, my two favorite people in the world were with me at my favorite PLACE in the world!! It was wonderful. Just what  I needed. I have rested and relaxed, now I am refreshed and re-newed for the rest of the summer which is shaping up to be pretty busy.  We have Youth VBS, Youth trip to WorldChangers, a Interpreting Conference I am in charge of, family time, time with friends, beach retreat with the girls’ Bible study; all on top of interpreting summer classes in Montgomery, work, and MARRIAGE TIME which is my favorite! I’m excited for what God has in store for us on the first summer in 3 years we have stayed in Alabama! WOW! I know God is the same here as He is in Kenya so I’m excited to follow Him radically and see where he takes us!!!   

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