ServantCARE Servants

I praise Him because He has ordained each day. He has planned our future, a future full of hope.  He has given us desires and visions. He has led people into our lives to guide us to fulfill His calling in our lives. Two of those people we finally met Saturday.  Anita and Larry Parks from ServantCARE ministry, a missionary home coordinating/serving/praying ministry in Eufala, AL, drove one and a half hours to visit and talk with us about our dream.  We talked for about 3 hours, discussing our hearts, passions, and visions. God is incredible.

Anita and Larry had no idea who we were, what we looked like, or our ages. They arrived, we opened the door, and they both said, “…Wow, you are young.” haha! But we ushered them in eager to tell them about everything in our heads! Once we started chatting, amazing miracle, one after one began to happen. His perfect plans began to be revealed. I can’t name them all but I will try to recap a few amazing moments during the meeting.

First, Mrs. Anita begin to tell of an “Awakening” they had at their church a few months ago. A man from out of town came to preach. He explained that he felt that Alabama played a key role in starting revival in America, creating change. He also felt their were a few KEY cities within this state that would be catalyst in the revival, Troy being one of them. Mrs. Anita explained that as she was sitting there listening to the list of cities, she knew they had contacts/relationships with people from each city, EXCEPT TROY… the next week I e-mailed her! His ways are perfect!

They shared with us a vision God had given them for a missionary camp complete with a central dining area, multiple living quarters, and activities to do on campus… = OUR VISION!!! It was our plan exactly!! They even used Mark 6:31 as one of their foundational verses! Wow!! So, a few years ago, when God gave them this idea, they put those house on the market to sell.  It was for sell for 2 YEARS!! In that time only 2 people came and LOOKED AT IT!!  God had different plans! They told us about different stories and examples of how God had given them visions that were actually carried out by other couples.  Jacob and I are so willing and ready to take on this vision and make it reality. 

We showed them our rough draft for our written proposal.  Mrs. Anita looked at us and said, “This exact thing could be on our computer!” Crazy! God knew! The plan has been set. He brought the four of us together to make it happen!

We talked about everything related to the missionary home. Things we had never thought of before: counseling the families about the changes that have happened here since they left on mission, it’s more about the listening to their stories and heartaches and triumphs, families could be as big as 9 people. etc. They opened our eyes.

We are so excited!!! We are excited God has placed Larry and Anita in our lives as our hopeful mentors in developing this home. We are excited that the Almighty God and Savior of the universe wants to use us in furthering His Kingdom! We are willing. He is able!

Please be praying for our new wonderful friend, Anita Parks. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery yesterday. The doctors findings show that the tumor is malignant, but Our God is Healer! Pray for healing, for peace, for comfort, for wisdom. How awesome is was to see a woman/couple with such a burden and battle ahead of them be willing to come and meet with us just days before her surgery. I thank God for TRUE servants like that.


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