Walter the Weimaraner!

Meet Walter….
He is the MOST precious dog ever!! just look at him! Aren’t you immediately IN LOVE???
We just got him this weekend! It was a GREAT weekend.  We spent 2 days at the beach with some of our good friends (which was FABULOUS), came home, prepared the house for a dog, and MET WALTER!
He is lazy. he loves to be held. he does NOT like his kennel or his collar. he has pooped in the trailer twice (and when i say pooped, I mean POOPED!). he peed on the bed last night, but we still love him. he sleeps with us because he likes to be held. he loves us. he went walking with me this morning… kinda… i carried him most of the way. he likes to play… and then sleep. he eats a lot.  he reminds me of Marley from Marley and Me – I’m scared of the things he will be capable of doing in about 3 months! his brother’s name is Hank and he lives next door.
he is wonderful and i’m sure there will be PLENTY of stories about him that i must tell you about.  But, for now, enjoy his picture.  he is wonderful and he is ours.
Mom, can’t wait for you to meet your grand-dog this weekend! He will love you! 🙂


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