So, this week/last week has been busy… not a lot of blogging happening. but I’m back!

This weekend was crazy, busy, awesome! Friday, our church hosted the Secret Church! It’s a worship/Bible Study that lasts from 6:00PM – 12:30AM!!! It was incredible. It was taught by David Platt, pastor of the Church of Brookhills in Birmingham.  Our church hosted the simulcast of the event! We had 95 people attend – including some of our older members at church! 2 older ladies (and I mean way older) stayed the ENTIRE time! On Sunday morning we asked them if they slept in Saturday morning after their late night.  They answered, “Well, no, I was up at 6:30AM. And Friday night when I got home, I was so hyper I had to do crossword puzzles so I could finally go to sleep!”  Isn’t that precious and awesome!?!? I love it!
The Secret Church was incredible. Lot’s of theology and Jesus – and by lots I mean a 150 page study guide! Awesomeness!

Saturday, Jacob and I went to Montgomery to watch my brother-in-law run in a 10K race – yeah… he’s intense!  That was fun.  God was there. i don’t really want to enlighten you on the details b/c it’s not a feel-good subject, but just know that life is breif. life is precious. life is good. and God is in control! We had fun with Jared and Ashley and Walter.  We ate at Chappy’s and it was DELICIOUS! I’m still thinking about that Chicken Salad & Apple Wrap! YUMMM!

Sunday… EASTER!! The day we have set to celerate corporately that our SAVIOR IS ALIVE! He is not dead! He is SURELY alive! 
Please watch this video, it’s awesome: Easter Changed My Day! I feel like America’s churches treat our Risen Savior like this video! It’s funny… but so true. So… has Easter changed your day, OR YOUR LIFE??

I have so much that I am learning. I am disciple of Jesus Christ. I am His student, so He is always teaching me.  I just want to leave you with this:

2,000 years ago, when Jesus rose from the dead, Het met the apostles… this is what happened:

Meanwhile, the eleven disciples were on their way to Galilee, headed for the mountain Jesus had set for their reunion. The moment they saw him they worshiped him. Some, though, held back, not sure about worship, about risking themselves totally.
Matthew 28:16-17 (MSG)

Are you HOLDING BACK? Are you afraid to RISK IT ALL for the King of the Universe?? Don’t be! Be like the other disciples who, when seeing Him, WORSHIPPED!!! That is what our lives should be! We know we serve a RISEN Savior – there is NOTHING to fear!

Enjoy being a student of Jesus Christ today!!! 🙂


  1. that is the cutest story ever about the little lady and the crossword haha! that'll be us one day!!love you and am so proud of you! excited for all Jesus is teaching you!!

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