Things I Wish

I wish…

Money wasn’t so important and that it actually grew on trees!!
My BFFs and I could all live in the same place…
I could go and do ministry as God called and not have to worry about real life responsibilities!!

Christ’s love was evident in my life ALL THE TIME.  I wish my city would experience Jesus Christ in a REAL way and start a revolution

Chocolate, bread, and soft drinks didn’t make you get fat!! I wish we couldn’t get fat at all!
We could find a house!!!! Ugh.. one of the most frustrating things for an impatient person to experience!! I wish the Lord would put a HUGE FLASHING sign over the house He wants us to get!!!!
I wish many things. My heart is full of desires and passions and sometimes I feel I can’t do them or express them because of the world we live in.  I want to see change.  I want to be one of the catalyst in the change. I want to GO. I want to DO. I wish… I wish… 
Today is a beautiful day. It is a new day!


  1. Hey Ann! I love you so much! Please know that! And Jesus, He is doing such big things through you. Seriously! You are nonstop an inspiration to me and so many others! I know you have so many amazing wishes, so many dreams and aspirations, that you just want to go crazy for Jesus, but please know that you are changing the world for Jesus today, you are GOing and DOing! Every time you work with Southside youth, every time you pursue God's plans for the Connection, every time you and Jacob bring God glory through your marriage, every time you love on LJo and her future bebe! I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that Jesus has crazy unimaginable plans for you and your future house, for us and our friendship and maybe Africa orphanages or some other awesome ministry, for you and your sanctification! But even more than your future, it is so very evident to me that He is using you right NOW!I love you! We will have a phone date soon πŸ™‚

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