yep… that’s my dog

So… Walter… He’s wonderful and clever… he still snores and bites and licks and runs and fetches and barks and all that.  But we found another talent he has. An ever so interesting talent –  de-noising the noisy toys. 
Two fatalities have been recorded so far – a sock monkey and an elephant.  Both given to her grand-dog by my wonderful mother 🙂 

 Here you see the monkey on the left. elephant on the right. In between them are the noise makers.  The backs of the animals have holes where Walter chewed. and chewed. and chewed. and chewed. stuffing was ripped out. and chewed. UNTIL the source of the noise was found, the perpetrator was found, and the mystery was solved! hilarious. 
Here are the sweet faces of the pitiful toys. 
And who is the murderer you might ask???

And that is my dog. It is only the beginning! LOVE IT! 

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