A Tribute to the Lindsey Jo

hApPy BiRtHdAy LiNdSeY jO!
This is Lindsey Jo. She is pregnant. She is married to Bryant. She is wonderful. she’s a blogger too. Here is how I know her…
I met her at the University of Tennessee. She was my first real friend there. I actually tried to rush a sorority when i arrived (what was i thinking?). I decided to try out the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) instead, just to see. i walked in and met Lindsey Jo. it was love at first sight. the rest is history.
So… we knew each other for about 2 weeks… maybe 3. we spent everyday together. we loved it. i miss those days. one day we went to the cafeteria to eat together. lindsey jo looked at me and asked, “Do you want to be in my bridesmaid?”  i knew that lindsey jo was planning to get married that May, but a bridesmaid… my answer, of course… was YES! So, I called my mom told her i had a best friend and was going to be in her wedding. no one really understood. we did.  then ami and emily (above) were added to the lineup. then, they decided they couldn’t wait until May… so they were married that December.  CRAZY! it was fabulous! except… the hair (please look!!!!!!) – love you ljo!
Here are more pictures that were taken along our friendship journey: 

She learned sign language because she loves me so.

here she is on my wedding day πŸ™‚

These are only a few snapshots of our wonderful friendship.  I hope all of the women out there have a friend like lindsey jo. This woman is wonderful. i love her. her husband and her have recently accepted the opportunity to minister to the youth as the leaders at their church.  their church is a new church plant and God has chosen them for specific reasons to that faith community. pray for them. pray for passion and guidance. pray for her pregnancy and a healthy baby! 

i love her. i’m happy she was born. her friendship means so much to me. i’m thankful that we met, that i didn’t have long hair so she would be my friend, and that she loves me.


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