HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy JaReD & aShLeY!!

Today my brother and sister-in-law have been married for THREE YEARS!!! They are the wise, old, married couple!!!

I was at their wedding.
It was beautiful.
Here they are seeing each other before the wedding! 🙂
Aren’t they pretty?

Here is the Morgan side of the family! Please note how different my hubby looks? 🙂
Mrs Christina looked beautiful as the mother of the groom. She was fancified! 🙂 So was Mr David. He was looking spiffy!

ME! 🙂
Here I am with my boyfriend at the time! 🙂 We were hot and sweaty because the wedding was in Alabama where it’s ALWAYS hot and sweaty! 

On a serious note:
Jared and Ashley are VERY special to us.
They have continually modeled what it means to be a couple after God’s heart. 
They have been examples of how to serve the Lord, be faithful financially, obey God’s guidance in all stages of life, and fervently pray for one another.
I have seen victory over the Enemy time after time in their marriage because they LIVE BY THE POWER OF GOD (1 Cor 4:20).
 Jared has been a wonderful (for lack of a better word) brother to Jacob in every way. He has been like a brother to me since I was an 8th grader! ha! We both look up to him and are beyond thankful that he is our brother.
Ashley’s entrance into the family has been so exciting and joyful! So happy she’s a Morgan alongside me. She is image of a woman who fears the Lord and lives to serve Him. She loves Jesus and loves her husband.
Currently, they are preparing to, first… HAVE A BABY!

She’s preggers with baby Johanna!!!! So excited for her arrival in AUGUST!!!! So fun!! We are going to have another neice! 🙂

They are also preparing to GO! They will be leaving early next year for the mission field.  They don’t have their exact location yet. Pray that the Lord would go before them and mark every footstep clearly for them to follow. Pray for a healthy baby and a child who grows up loving the Lord and embracing the life of a servant.

Here’s our first picture all together:
The Morgans!

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