Old School Student Life!!!

I’m going Back to camp this weekend!! 

I’m really pumped! I wanted to share some old school pics from student life when Jacob and I were in youth!!! 
Aren’t we cute?? 

I know, it looks like I took this picture yesterday even though I was probably 15!!! Hah! No wonder people always think I’m a high schooler! 
Please note that me and Jacob were ONLY “best friends” here. Haha! Could have fooled me! 

love this! 🙂

I love camp for many reasons and I hope the youth really allow themselves to EXPERIENCE camp and just the presence of God that IS THERE! 
I love camp because:

bond with your youth group
meet so many new people
 come face to face with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!
You get to wear bandanas!!
You get to chant cheers and go crazy all the time! 
Kristian Stanfill – hehe!
It’s okay to be a morning person
camp food – yum!
water games
ropes courses
wonderful counselors who are so pumped and remind me of Pine Cove! 
intentional time with people
face paint
no sleep
lots of pictures! 
one piece bathing suites! ha! 

I love camp. That’s obvious. I pray God is THERE and we get out of the way and let Him MOVE and CHANGE and ENGAGE! 


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