A new breed…

I’m doing good blogging this week… surprisingly!

I never know how to start a new topic of what’s going on in my head… so just go with it…

Teen Girls In Faith

This is a group that was created out of a need for something more.

During the Monday night Girls’ Bible Study, I kept feeling a need to go deeper to become more transparent, but it’s tough. We have a LARGE group of (soon to be) 9th graders and a LARGE group of (soon to be) 11th graders. We also have several 7th and 8th graders. If you know anything about 11th graders or girls in general, they don’t really enjoy sharing their deepest secrets and struggles with girls in middle school and in huge settings where trust is iffy. So, I felt an urge to have a more intimate time with the 11th graders after church on Wednesday nights. It’s just a time for the older girls to come together, encourage each other, and talk about what’s REALLY going on in their lives. My hope is to be able to have a more personal time with each groups of girls. I wish I could have personal time with EACH girl EVERY week. I long for 72 hours in each day so I could just fill it up with ministry and time with people!

Anyways.. so we started this group in about April and it has been PHENOMENAL for ALL involved. I have heard testimonies, encouragement, words of wisdom, struggles, growth, and seen Christ like never before. A few weeks ago some of the girls developed a new question – WHAT ABOUT THE BOYS?!?! The girls were learning and growing in Christ. The boys were learning and growing in Christ. But it was very separate and they didn’t TALK about it and WALK it together. So… I talked with Jacob and because of a burden on the girls heart to have unity in their grade/group, the boys joined us!

It was awkard at first. They didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, but they were WILLING and they SHOWED UP. That in itself was a HUGE deal. The first week they came we decided we wanted to meet as the LEADERSHIP group. We, as the girls, still need GIRL time! Ha! So we opted for an hour of GIRL TIME/TALK and then the boys could come in each week! Ha! I love that! I love time with those girls! It’s marvelous!

One of the things, maybe the MAIN thing, that brought the girls to a deeper level, a deeper trust, and a deeper understanding of each other was by sharing our testimonies. There was a lot of crying, laughing, celebrating, hurting, and praying.

For the guys and girls together, we decided that sharing all of our stories would bring us to that same place.

Last night, some of the boys shared.


Many people say “all the good guys are gone,” “Where are the Christian guys?”blah, blah, blah…
A group of guys shared their stories last night.
They confessed struggles.
Told of the change that is happening in their lives.
Encouraged each other.
Apologized for wrongdoings and forgave in return.

It was good. Really good.
I was blessed.

God is GREAT!

I’m so excited about this NEW BREED!!!

Pray for these guys. It’s tough to be a Godly guy ESPECIALLY in high school!!
Lift them up. And celebrate them!

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  1. sounds amazing! i so want to hear more about this during our next phone date pronto! sorry i didn't get to call you back. boo on crazy thursdays! but i love you and so proud of you!

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