Student Life Camp #1 – My family Group!!


So, going to camp, family groups wasn’t the thing I was most excited about. I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t family group.  
For those of you who don’t know what family groups are… let me explain.
Family groups are smaller groups comprised of kids from different churches at the camp. The leaders came as leaders from the various churches. They are “randomly” put together. The family groups get to dive DEEPER into material related to the week’s theme.  And THAT is a family group.

I knew I was going to be with a high school group.
I thought I was going to have a partner.
I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal.
I thought it would be mostly girls.
I knew God had something in store – I WAS RIGHT! 

Here’s my family group:
I cannot explain the blessing they were to me!!! AMAZING people! 

I saw how God can use an 18 year old girl to speak truth through her testimony to change the hearts of 18 year old boys.
I heard how desperation and broken-ness can turn into construction and goodness.
I saw how a questioning man can find answers in Christ and become FLAMEABLE.
I saw how God can use ANY situation for His glory.
I saw the power of encouragement.
I am an eye-witness to the power of prayer.
I saw people who yearned to be accepted by others, find their identity in Christ.
I saw the value in humility.
I saw and heard and fears, temptations, sins, addictions, pasts, and futures and I KNOW MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF THEM!!! 
I saw a house built with words!!! The coolest thing ever! I have to share:

So, each night we had a prayer gathering in our family groups before we went to the main worship session.  I like words, so I made each student tell me a word that I can pray over them during the service.  I think it’s powerful when someone can convey what they want/need/expect in a single word.  
The first night was awkward and funny and I was okay with that.
The second night was less awkward.
The third night… they built a house!!!! 
 The first person started. For the past 2 nights his word was “broken-ness.” He said that the more he though about it, he realized he was already broken – and he was. He had experienced rock bottom. His work for the night was CONSTRUCTION.
The next guy thinks VERY visual! He is constantly explaining the pictures in his head to explain what he was thinking/feeling. The word CONSTRUCTION made him think of building a house… (okay… where is he going with this?).  He said he wanted me to pray for a BUILDING PERMIT. (okay… I don’t get it). He explained that his foundation was pretty decent. He knows who Christ is and knows about the Bible, but hasn’t really started building his “faith house.” It’s like he was at the last step of the foundation before putting the walls down.  He just needed his BUILDING PERMIT to really devote himself to building Christ up in his life.
Jokingly, one of the guys said “I want to be the PLUMBING SYSTEM.”  Although I knew he was joking I thought it was perfect. This guy had been talking about all the stuff he had let into his life. How he had gotten distracted with the world and everything it has to “offer.” So I told him I was going to be praying PLUMBING SYSTEM over him because he needed to get the crap out of his life so that he could really live whole heartedly for Christ! It was wonderful!
Someone needed to find the LOCATION of their house. College was in question and they needed guidance on where they belonged.
Someone needed NEW CARPET. She needs some stuff replaced in her life with Christ.
Someone needed a HOUSE WARMING PARTY. He had his house. He is living for Christ, but he needs people to fellowship with, to hold him accountable, to encourage him, and to walk through life with. 
Someone needed a ROOF. The walls were good. He is striving to follow the Lord, but he needs a ROOF to keep the world out. The negative thoughts, insecurities, and culture needed a filter and a ROOF would do the job! 
Someone needed COLUMNS. He would be going to college soon and needed a COLUMN to assure Him that God was steady and that his faith was founded.
Someone needed an OPEN DOOR. He wanted to serve. He wanted to find his purpose and calling in life. He needed a DOOR OPENED by God.

I thought this was SPECTACULAR!!! I LOVE IT! They came up with this all together. I love that our God is not a boring, old man without humor. He rejoices in laughter and delights when we ENJOY talking to him – aka PRAYER! 

FAMILY GROUP #82 will forever be special to me. I will be praying for them. I will be begging that God makes them miserable until they spend time with Him each day!!! 🙂 

I love you all! You are wonderful and I’m so grateful to have “led” you. 


  1. This is a good way to cultivate a young person's mind, heart, and soul, in order to survive the real deal of life. Always putting God first helps the youth have a concrete direction and plan in life. They don't easily lose hope and, most importantly, they give importance to priorities such as their studies.Dolly Paolucci

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