ThE hOuSe!!!! FiNaLlY!

My husband and I are finally purchasing our first house… TOMORROW!!! 
It’s been a crazy ride! I am thankful for a wonderful husband who has put up with me for months and months of house hunting, broken contracts, and LOTS of questions!! 

God is FAITHFUL and His plans are WAY better!! Wow! 
We had been trying to do it our way and our time… of course! God said wait… we didn’t listen. 
We found this house about a month ago…. maybe a little longer. It’s WONDERFUL! It’s the first house we had a true peace about. The other houses we made OKAY in our minds and forced ourselves to think it was “THE ONE!” I said that about every house. Ha! Jacob was a little more rational! boo logic! 
So… this is how it played out:
I became full time July 1st
Jacob got a raise starting July 1st
The owners’ of OUR house closing date was July 1st
We are closing July 8th!!! 
God is insane.
Why don’t we just listen? I don’t know! 
This house was also one of the least expensive, in GREAT condition with character, and the owners offered to pay the closing cost – YES! 

So… without further ado, here is where the Morgans will be residing:

OUR cute house. Yes… there is no FRONT door. How unique are we?? It has a side/front door.

Here is the pretty side/front door.

OUR gold living room!
The cutest built-in shelves I have EVER seen! 

The precious kitchen! It’s quite cozy.

The view from the second living room – it’s very open and i like it.

The second living room – this will be the Bible Study room 🙂

The cool cabinet/picture frame holder in the kitchen/living room area

A cute valance I hope the old owners leave! Cross your fingers! 


One guest bedroom – this will be a black and white and grey room! 

another view. 

The other bedroom – this will be the goldy room! 
Em and all BFFs – you can pick which room is yours!!! 🙂 can’t wait for you to visit me here.

The cute guest bathroom – already painted GOLD b/c God knows what makes me smile! 

The foyer with a strange wire… who knows! 

Another cute shelf thingy!!! I love them! They are my favs! 

A window! EXCITING! 

Our bedroom with his and her closets!! AWESOME! 

Our bathroom! 

The carport -so the outside needs some landscaping and some TLC. Just give us time! We are excited about the work… well we are excited about the result! 

The future patio and flowery/garden area! 

Another shot! 

Our romantic deck from our bedroom.  We will be adding stuff to that to and planting some COLOR in the yard! 

Walter’s BIG back yard!!! He’s PUMPED TOO!!! 

The washer and dryer’s home!! 

I can’t wait! I’m so blessed. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for this house! 

Kinda sad to say bye to the trailer… 🙂


  1. ANNN!!! It is so beautiful! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!! Can NOT wait to come check it out sometime soon!! I claim the black white and grey room haha 🙂 I hope move in goes great! Keep me updated! And tell Jacob congrats too!! But seriously, it it gorgeous!! i love all the shelves and how open it is!! One question… are all you clothes going to fit in just the HER closet?! :)love you!

  2. Ann!!!!!!!! Your home is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you and Jacob! Those built-in shelves are adorable, and it looks HUGE inside! Love you!

  3. omg!! this is amazing ann! its so so unbelievably cute! no wonder the Lord wanted you to wait for this one- it has built in bookshelves and all sorts of awesomeness! & was that a step down from the kitchen to the living room?? if so, thats one of my FAVORITE things. such a lovely house with tons of GOLD hahah. cant wait to visit youuuu!love you!

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