HaPpY bIrThDaY aMeRiCa!!

This is how we celebrated the birth of our country:

 We celebrated the birth of Johanna that is RAPIDLY approaching!!! Yes, there’s a baby inside of that woman! CRAZINESS! Jared got a Daddy Do belt  because he will be a daddy. They read a cute little poem when they knighted him with the belt… but I didn’t memorize it. Sorry.

Then, we went to the lake with the Mannings. Walter came with us. 

He’s pretty much adorable! 

Now… this was the first time Walter had been to the lake. If you haven’t met him, HE’S A SPAZ! So, we figured if any dog could drowned – it would be Walt. So, we bought him a life jacket! haha! 

He loved it. He had a blast and he didn’t drowned because of his handy-dandy like jacket! 

We swam and tried to ski and wake board. I got up on skies the first time I tried- the first time ever! I was pretty pumped! but then… I fell. Oh well… life goes on! 
At linner (not a typo… it was after lunch and before dinner), we went in for some yummy ribs and sides. 
Then there was a storm.
Then, this happened:

The was the dock at the marina where our friends’ boat was! YIKES!! There boat was okay. The dock wasn’t. 

Then we came home. Walter was POOPED:
I didn’t take a picture of this, but when we got home – Walt got sick. 
He barfed ALOT. He had the squirts ALOT. Because he ate the yummy ribs too. Ooops.
We had a wonderful time. Walt is all better now. 
Yay America! 

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