Exuding Excitement…

So… I’m really excited right now.
I wanted use the word exuding and didn’t know if I spelled it right, so I looked it up and the defintion –

1. Discharge (moisture or a smell) slowly and steadily.
2. (of moisture or a smell) Be discharged by something in such a way.
So I had to use it, for sure! 🙂

Maybe you are wondering – why is she so excited?? 
Let me tell you… I get to see these wonderful people pictured below in a week!!! HOORAY! 

The one with the white hair, Emily, and the brown hair in the orange shirt, Lindsey Jo , will be gracing me with their presence!! 
This is one of our favorite memories – FOSTER FARMS! 
bag pipes, porta-potties, frozen hot dogs, being weirdos, ghosty… love it! 

It’s hard to find a picture of us without all of us there. I am sad the other part of us, Ami, won’t be able to make it… 
This is a fantastic picture of a night gone wrong. We wrote a song, well Lindsey Jo had written a song and we perfected it. We wanted to sing it at a Coffee Night at the BCM. We thought is was MORE THAN HILARIOUS. We dressed up, acted like fools, sang our hearts out, and then listened to crickets chirpping as NO ONE LAUGHED! We were stunned… and scarred.  

Here we are looking pretty normal. 
I like us. 
They are wonderful friends. The best any girl could ever ask for! 

And I get to see them soon!

That is all I want to say right now.
I plan to blog some tomorrow – more Brave Bible study, pictures of  the house, and more thoughts from my feeble mind. 


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