The Hizzy…

Here is a video tour of my house!! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Please forgive my dog, Walter… he catches dumbness every once in a while! 🙂

Also, I was planning for the outside tour when… all of a sudden… MY MEMORY CARD WAS FULL!!! 😦 I’ll have to complete the tour at a later date! RAIN CHECK! 

That’s my house!!! Come visit… if you aren’t a creeper! 


  1. awww ANN! Its beautiful! i loved it! And walter is a hoot!! what a diva, wanting to be seen in every room haha! And i love the silhouette LJo made! Amazing! And I can't wait to come stay in your house! it really is beautiful! love you!

  2. i was cracking up at this video!!! your house is so cute! and i love how your voice changes a million times and how excited jacob was.. but my new favorite part of the house (after the lack of a front door) is your fake window! bahahaha! girl, you crack me up!! i love it!

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