a grass-eating bull

They traded their glorious God

      for a statue of a grass-eating bull.

They forgot God, their savior,

      who had done such great things in Egypt—

Psalm 106:20-21

I have been reading 5 Psalms a day – a suggestion made by Tony Merida – and I have really enjoyed it. They have become my prayers each morning. 

This morning, I read the 2 verses above and I know that’s a message to us. How crazy? Why would people, God’s CHOSEN/HOLY/LOVED/SET APART people chose a grass-eating bull over their GLORIOUS GOD?? Well… we do it all the time. 

The Israelites, God’s chosen people, worshipped idols instead of praising the one who rescued them from Egypt, provided for them, guided them, spoke with them, protected them, fought for them, saved them, forgave them (again and again), and longed to be their God, their one desire.  Maybe your “grass-eating bull” doesn’t look like the statue above, but are you trading your glorious God (who longs to be your kinsman Redeemer) for longer much lesser? Maybe it looks like:

 Are you trading Him for your success? You career? 

 Are you living for religion and not a relationship?? You can miss the MOST important things for good things… but HE is the BEST thing. Love HIM… not a religion or a church service. Spend time with HIM. Know HIM. Delight in the fact that HE knows YOU! 

 Are you sacrificing the things that the Lord is calling you to do and be so that you can fit in with the crowd??  Do you look like everyone around you? You shouldn’t! Got calls us to be HOLY = set apart. We are to live as aliens and strangers in this world – love differently, live radically.

 Are you spending more time on Facebook and watching TV than you are investing in your relationship with Christ?? 

 Are you too worried about what you look like and what you wear than to empty yourself and be used by the GLORIOUS GOD?? 

 Is money you idol? Is your worth found in the amount of dollars in your back account? Is what you have and who you have more than the most important thing to you? Do you live in a game of comparison? Don’t! Live a life of compassion.

 Do you strive for the American dream more than you strive for the King of the Universe? Do you long for a husband and family more than you want to be romanced by your Creator? HE IS BETTER.

Do you have your life planned out? Are you willing to allow God to change and completely alter your destination? His plans are better. His plans are higher. His plans make broken-ness into beauty for His glory. 

Are you in the way? Do you value yourself more than others and more than your Savior? Even Christ thought of Himself as a servant. He humbled Himself to death on a cross.

Now, I am definitely not claiming that I have it all right.. BECAUSE I DEFINITELY DO NOT! I am fighting my grass-eating bulls everyday. I long to be focused solely on Him. I don’t want to trade Him for anything this world says it has to offer. He is better. 

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