Tales to Tell

Things are going good. I have lots to tell about what has happened – in no particular order – here they are:

1. Jacob and I have become Uncle Jacob and Auntie Ann to our new niece Johanna Annette Morgan!!! She was born YESTERDAY, Aug 3. She weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. and is 21.5 inches long! As our good friend Barrett put it… she’s a surf board – TALL and SKINY.  She’s beautiful and has red hair – I’m still the only Morgan with dark hair. What’s up with that? We are so excited for the story God is writing for Johanna. Join us in praying for her.  She will be a missionary with her parents starting next year in a foreign country. Lift them to Jesus.

Da Baybay! 

The happy parentals!!! 

Don’t get ANY ideas! 

Auntie Ann! 

2. We took the youth to the beach last weekend – it was a blast. it wasn’t filled with sit-down Bible study lessons, curriculum, or a worship set list – it was just all of us enjoying our church family… it was good. We stayed at a family friend’s beach house in Gulf Shores – YAY for knowing people and them being crazy nice enough to let 14 youth take over for a weekend! Here’s a re-cap:

The boys bought these beautiful shirts for the trip and were nice enough to buy my hubby one… AND THEY WORE THEM! really cute… umm… I don’t know what else to say.

we hunted crabs!!! That white thing hanging off the net is a crab!! It was a blast. 
p.s. i love these girls. Mer was also there but isn’t too fond of crabs – by that i mean she is hysterically scared of them.  but i adore Mer too.

we took lots of jumping pictures because that’s what we do! 

The boys lost a bet wanted to put on the girls swimsuits (which the girls could only wear tankinis anyways…) and walk around on the beach.  The people next to us just so happened to have hula-hoops with them so the boys put on a show for us on the shore!! HILARIOUS… and creepy!! 

We went put-putting. These fellas spotted some lady put-putters and showed me the manly flirting stance that is sure to work on all ladies!!! Take note men!!! Make sure chest out, chin up, eyes focused, and playing it cool…
Here’s our group. We ate at Tacky Jack’s 2!! It was yum and then we got this beautiful pic! 

3. My hubby is wonderful. He ministers to my heart all the time. Yes, we get in tiffs and get on each other nerves and are different people, but he is a good husband. He speaks truth to me. He is transparent with me about his heart and feelings and I appreciate that more than anything. I have talked with MANY women who don’t have husbands who will do devotionals with them, talk about their relationship with Christ, or pray with them. I do. I have a thankful heart. 🙂

4. So… I had to say good-bye later to one of my favorite people I have known in Troy. She has accepted me as a teacher, listener, and friend from the beginning. We have shared with each other our fears, victories, and goals. I am going to miss her dearly as she leaves to follow her dreams! She is wonderful. She is one of my Bible study girls. God has given her passions, talents, dreams, boldness, and direction.  I’m  eager to see how God continues to use her in her destination. She is wonderful and I will dearly miss her. Don’t worry – there’s Skype, texting, and roadtrips!!! But i’ll miss her face. Here she is with her cutey bag i got her:


5. July Connection!! Woot Woot!! We fed families, passed out school supplies, school uniforms, and spread the love of Jesus all over some people!!!

That’s all for now. 

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