HaPpY fRiDaY fAvOrItEs!

So… I’ve been thinking (I know, it’s scary).
All the cool blogs have certain days of the week they do something fun… I want to be cool.  So, I am hereby declaring Fridays from now on FrIdAy FaVoRiTeS! This could be favorite people, memories, colors, food, events of the week, smells, pictures… you get it! I like it. I think this will be fun. I hope you enjoy my CORNYness… I do. 

For the first official one will be the FRIDAY FAV FOTO.  I will introduce you to my favorite picture in the entire world.  I probably have posted it on here before but it’s just to good… it’s in need of special recognition. 

This photograph was taken at the Auburn vs. CREAMING Tennessee game! We (Em, Beck, and me) drove to Auburn for my b’day and the game. We sat on the very last row. We watched as our volunteers got beaten to pulps BUT WE THOUGHT THERE WAS HOPE! I don’t remember what exactly happened b/c I’m not a dude who retells football stories millions of times. But I believe we (UT) basically handed auburn the ball and escorted them into the inzone for a touchdown… UNBELIEVABLE! We were so frustrated b/c when we are at sporting events we do a good job of acting/screaming/looking like avid UT fans! Emily was crushed and marched up to the top tier to pout.  Beck and I were unaware of the despair happening behind us.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity for a picture and with the press of a button, I captured the most amazing face I have ever seen on my bff. We laughed for hours… i mean hours. I am laughing as I type this because it’s just so priceless… and awkward! I LOVE IT! I think I might blow it up to poster size and hang it in my living room so that when I wake up and walk in the room I can begin my day with a giggle. Sound good? 

Just enjoy it. I love you, Em. Thanks for this! 

Happy Friday Fav! 

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