I thank you for answering my prayer
      and giving me victory!

Psalm 118: 21
Victory is a sweet word and feeling and I have experienced it a lot in the past year. 
This weekend was another taste of victory this weekend – it was good. 
Friday night I was invited to a women’s retreat.  I was really excited about it.  (unfortunately, i don’t have any pictures of it). These women aren’t exactly like me – they have kids, have been married for many years, most of them are teachers, and they have a lot more stories/experience than I do.  I am a strong believer that women and men should fellowship together – all ages, races, etc.  That’s how we grow – together. This Christian journey isn’t suppose to be traveled alone or with people just like you.  And this Friday night retreat proved that more than true.
There was transparency. confession. tears. laughter. truth. battle against lies. learning. talking. sharing. eating. bible study. journaling. friendship. And it was good. 
We talked and prayed about our church. 
You have to understand – I LOVE MY CHURCH but when you think Southern Baptist… that’s our church.  One lady at the retreat was talking about Christians who love the Lord, know the Word, but don’t really “get into” the worship – don’t clap, dance, shout, cheer, etc – she called them the “frozen chosen.” Well… that’s a lot of our congregation. Now… don’t get me wrong – it’s not bad to sit in awe of the Lord or not always swing from the rafters, but when the Spirits moving… sometimes you can’t help but follow! So… we talked about being more passionate, vocal, and Spirit-led in worship and during our pastor’s message (who has been BRINGING IT!).  We prayed about it and just encouraged each other to do what we were led to do.  
SUNDAY morning rolls around.  (again, remember the SOUTHERN baptist aspect of this).  Worship through singing begins. I am interpreting the service – wish is fun sometimes b/c I can look around and see peoples’ faces… sometimes it’s NOT fun when everyone is staring back at you with BLANK faces.  But – Sunday was different. I knew the presence of the Lord was there – not just with me but engulfing the sanctuary.  It was good. We sang “Amazing Grace (Our Chains Are Gone).” My good friend, Kelly (WHO GOT A JOB – PRAISE THE LORD) raised her hands in response. This is a big deal.  I even told the Deaf man I was interpreting for to look at her (THIS WAS NOT APPROPRIATE PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT OF AN INTERPRETER! ha!). It was just so powerful for me b/c I have been praying for FREEDOM for so long! Then… the music minister SAYS OUT LOUD IN THE MIC “Come on everyone, put your hands up in worship!” WHAT????????!!! YOU DON’T GET IT!! This is HUGE news! And guess what? PEOPLE DID IT!! There were hands up all over the room! My heart was jumping out of my body and dancing around on the floor! Freedom was beginning!! I know it may not seem like a big deal for some of you b/c maybe your church looks like that each week – but this, my friends, was a huge picture of the POWER OF PRAYER for me. It was a victory for Jesus. 
I enjoyed Saturday as well.  Jacob and I got to have an ENTIRE day together! It was so needed and I hope it happens more. I love my husband. I love to be busy, but WOW I love days together. We got some stuff done at the house – pictures to come!!! I love it! 🙂 
My God is good and I thank Him for victories!!! The one word to describe my relationship with Christ, the blood of Christ, and my life this year is VICTORY. 

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