Friday Fav!!

So this week has been CRAZY busy!! At work my boss team leader is leaving (not fun) and we are hiring 2 NEW faculty and school starts next week and I am interpreting all day yesterday and today!!! My brain is CRAZY!!

But… onto to Friday Favs!! Today I would like to tell the world about my favorite song.  I will give you some background first.  You see… I was a dance team member on the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s GOLDEN GIRLS!!

This is us at Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL!! I loved my team and the friendships that were made through dance team.  I loved performing at football and basketball games, traveling to compete, and just dancing!!! It was good.  There was one thing involved with dance team I HATED… we all HATED. It was body fat testing!!!! SO DUMB!! Yes, I understand you don’t wanna stick a bunch of fatties in mid-drifts on the court jiggling around but really – body fat testing??? And people wonder why girls have body image problems!
So… I really struggled ALOT with this.  I actually “failed” a test once – failing means to have over 17.5% body fat… even thought the average women has 20-23% body fat!!!  CRAZINESS!! I got so tired of people telling me what i should look like, how to dress, who I AM!!! I was fed up.
I went to a Barlowgirl concert and got a HOLY SLAP IN THE FACE with this song – “Mirror” – I think it should be the theme song for Jesus-following girls PERIOD.  My mirror is my relationship with Christ – not a scale, mirror, or someone else’s opinions/expectations/body fat tests.  Listen to the words – especially you WOMEN!!! 🙂 HE MAKES US BEAUTIFUL!! I know that sounds corny and cliche, but all of us need daily reminders of where our worth and beauty and joy come from – our NEW reflection.

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  1. What an AWESOME song! I will definitely be purchasing this song to play at the studio LOTS!! BTW, the whole time I was listening I was doing choreography in my head! :)Thanks for sharing!

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