Tra – la- la!!!

My heart is singing tra-la-la after this past weekend!!! I got to see MOST of my besties in TWO days!! That’s unheard of around here!!! Here’s a recap:

First, I hit up the B’HAM for some wedding shower action! My friend Jess is getting hitched in October and it was time to celebrate!!! Here we are looking cool:

Here are the bridesmaids that were present: Me, Caitlin, THE BRIDE JESS, and Katy! 🙂

We switched one out for a Golden Girls picture – not the old ladies who live in Miami… remember I told you I was a dance team member and we were also called the GOLDEN GIRLS. This is Kristy, me, Jess, and Katy.

Here is what we looked like when we were really GGs:
On the right is one of the other bridesmaids, Christina! Jess and Christina lived together for 4 years during college!!!! 🙂 Christina is now in Washington, DC for school… she’s REALLY smart! 
Here’s another pic of us!! We had some GREAT times together.  Me and Katy became BFF through GG (I like acronyms) – the first year we were on the team I was really stuck up at first. I thought I had to prove myself to the coach and to the other girls so I was really focused and attentive for the first few practices. One day, we were practicing one of our many line dances for band music (factual nugget= dance teams have little short line dances and when the band starts playing a song at foot/basketball games the leader of the team will yell out the name of the dance and then the magic begins when all the girls are doing the same thing! – bet you didn’t know that. – Our dances were named Rocket, Cash, Shake, Pump It, and so on.) and I thought I needed to help Katy. haha! I told her what she was doing wrong… she thought I was lame… I was. She never thought we would be friends. Then I decided to get over myself and LOW AND BEHOLD, I made a BFF who stood/sat/danced beside me in line for the next 2 years!! We were the loudest, smiliest, funnest GGs – in my opinion! 
The next day, I continued my journey north.  I stopped in Huntsville for another Jess shower:
Then I trekked my way to NASHvegas to surprise the pregger Lindsey Jo for Hank’s bday!!! 🙂 She was actually shocked!! I told her I wasn’t going to be there (that WAS the plan originally) but I CAN’T miss my BFF’s FIRST BABY SHOWER!!!!!! She’s so cute and preggo. I can’t want until Isaac (notice the spelling) Henry is on the outside! 
Here are some of my favorite people in the entire world. You’ve met them before but my heart was so happy to see them… ALL TOGETHER!!! We missed Beck though! She is busy being an adult, REAL NURSE, in Virginia! 

Here is a very attractive photograph of momma bear!! haha! 
She got a TON-O-STUFF!!! If you wanna see it… go to HER blog! 🙂

And here is my identical twin – seriously we get that ALL THE TIME!! Really? I’m short. She’s tall. I’m brunette. She’s blonde. I’m tanner. She’s not so tan. Yes, our voice and mannerisms and personalities are pretty much the same… but identical twins?? WHAT?? Once, we went one a mission trip to Jamaica.
This is us in Jamaica (with the dolls Lindsey Jo and Ami! Haha! – funny story – they couldn’t come so we taped faces on dolls and took pictures with them – even in public- to make them feel loved and like they eperienced Jamaica with us! haha!)
In Jamaica, a boy came with the group we were with who meet me and then meet Emily.  I guess he never saw us together because at the end of the week he FINALLY saw us together. He came up to us with a look of shock on his face.  He exclaimed “WHAT? You are 2 people? I thought you were the same person all week!”  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? HOW?? I guess in one week I grew 6 inches and bleached my hair. Cool! haha! I’ll give him this… we love each other. She knows me. I know her. And it is good! 
I loved this week… seeing my favs in one weekend… G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!! 

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