BrAvE – I aM tReMbLiNg InSiDe

I’m really behind on getting my thoughts on this Brave study posted, but I WILL DO IT!!!

Week 4 of the Brave study by Angela Thomas is titles “I AM TREMBLING INSIDE.”

We all have fears. We fear things, people, rejection, bad news, etc. The week starts with this paragraph:
From the circle of my fears, I have many times stood PARALYZED in the middle when God was calling me to the edge.  I have SETTLED for safe even though God call, “JUMP into MY arms; I have you!” I have allowed mediocre when I knew God wanted excellence.

That paragraph makes me think of children at the pool.  Their mom or dad is in the pool, they are standing on the edge of the pool, nervous but wanting to jump… desiring to splash into the water.  Their parent yells our “I’ve got you… come on!” The child trusts. They jump, without fear. They may come up a little startled, water up their nose, or not knowing which way is jump… BUT THEY JUMPED.

Many times, God calls us.  He yells out to us “JUMP!”, “Come out of the water!”, “TRUST ME!”, “follow me”, and fear PARALYZES us. Why? Why don’t we trust? I don’t know the answer to that question. When called to do, to go, to talk… why don’t we JUST DO IT? FEAR! Because of our fears, we settle for safety when God has a pool of delight, fulfillment, and eternal joy waiting to catch us in. (I know that’s corny but go with it).

Throughout this week of the study, I really honed in on 2 amazing promises of Christ. 

My Jesus conquered sin. He conquered Satan, He conquered death and the grave!! Hallelujah!! 
And guess what??? We are more than conquerors through HIM WHO LOVED US! (Romans 8:37).  He can and will conquer our FEARS and ANXIETIES.  

When I was a little girl (and still some today) I feared many things.  I was terrified of storms, mixer trucks (cement trucks), and something happening to my mom.  I constantly lived in and with those thoughts and fears.  I would cry and hide in thunderstorms because I was so fearful of tornadoes. I would LITERALLY make my mom get off the interstate if I saw a cement truck (thank you RESCUE 9-1-1, that show ruined me!). Everyday at daycare, if my mom wasn’t there to pick me up at 5:00, I would freak out. I would have thoughts and fears that something had happened to her. 

We live like that still!  I know people, especially as a women, have worries and fears.  We become obsessed and overwhelmed with fears. We are not called to be worry-warts.  We are called to be faithful. We are called to be conquerors.  I have fears or becoming unattractive. of getting bad news. of having someone I love die. I fear not meeting other people’s expectations. I fear making the wrong decision. I fear. I fear. I fear. I forget so often that I HAVE BEEN SAVED!! I have freedom. I have a CONQUEROR. He is the only one who can free us from our fears. CHRIST HAS ALREADY OVERCOME THIS WORLD! 
For all of us who are in Christ, we have NOTHING left to do but PURSUE THE VICTORY!!  How comforting to know that HE IS IN CONTROL!! (I don’t have to be because I’m really bad at being in control). We can overcome fear, and RECEIVE VICTORY (ahh… I love that word!) because of the life and blood and freedom in Jesus Christ! 
Brave means that you turn to GOD for COMFORT. Brave does not mean enduring heartache and trouble ALL ALONE! 

Many of us choose to do it alone. Think we have it under control. WE DON’T. We need a comforter.  We need brothers and sisters to run through trails with.  We need… we are not able alone. 

All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.
2 Corinthians 1:3

He is the GOD of all comfort.  He is able to bring ease and FREEDOM from the pain, even in our sufferings. It doesn’t matter what you are facing at home, with your bills, at the doctor, at work, in your own heart… HE is the God of all comfort. He is good! 

Angela asks the question ‘How have you experienced a deeper comfort that could only come from God?’ 
My answer is that I have seen victory in trusting Him. VICTORY! Everything may not turn out like I had planned or had envisioned or had wanted, but when God gives victory it is better than the feeling you get when your favorite sports team wins after triple overtime, nail bitting, field goal!! I have SEEN and FELT and EXPERIENCE victory from Christ and that is my comfort. He isn’t my magician who makes everything perfect, but He is the Warrior who battles for my soul, my allegiance, and my victory. I am thankful. He is victorious – I have a husband who hungers for the Word, desires to be a man of Christ, lives a pure life, longs to see lives changed by the power of Jesus’ name, lives everyday in a humble and joyful manner, worthy of the GOSPEL! – THAT IN ITSELF IS A VICTORY!  

I don’t know what pool you are looking into from the edge.  
I don’t know what path you are on that if you moved to the edge, you would see the beauty he is making in your life.
I don’t know what mountain he is wanting you to climb to have victory on the top.
All I know is that we should JUMP. We should RUN to the edge. We should hike our way up Mt. Everest to experience victory. We should hit our knees every morning to remind us of HIS TRUTH that has the power to conquer and overcome our fears.  He is bigger. He is greater. He is freedom from our paralyzed, mediocre life!!! 

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