So… maybe you are wondering what’s been going on lately.  Well… I will tell you.

We had our first Bible study of the year.  It was a Bible Study Baby Shower for Sav-A-Life (NOT FOR ME!).  It was great.  We had 22 girls and some mommies come. It was lovely.  I’m dumb and forgot to take pictures.  I did take a picture of the loot we gave to Sav-A-Life after it was in my car!! I just can’t remember to be a photographer and a Bible study teacher at the same time. It’s REALLY tough for me. So… this is all you get! 
haha! you creepers wanted my tag number, but I’m smart and made sure it wasn’t in the picture! 

We also had our first 5th quarter of the semester – you know where the children come to the church after the 4th QUARTER of the football games!!! We had a blast! Evan, Jacob’s bestie, led us in worship, we ate a lot, played a lot, played ginpgnop, and laughed a lot! 
I thought this was funny!! These boys are great. Tripp, on the right, is a new disciple of Jesus!!!!! So awesome.  But… this picture is funny, right?

There were a lot of children there. I thought this pic showed that well! 

I promise – I get to hang out and see Jesus in the PRETTIEST girls ever!! love them! 

Let me preface this – the video clip you are about to see is not intended to make fun of anyone.  I just think the action that I captured on video is so UNIQUE I had to show the world because no one believes me. It’s just interesting… check it out πŸ™‚

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