FRIDAY (& Saturday & Sunday) NIGHT LIGHTS!!

This weekend I GOT TO BE LAZZZZZZY!!! I loved it!

Friday night we went to see some FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at Pike Liberal Arts School!!! It was lots of fun!! A lot of the youth are cheerleaders or football players so it was good to cheer them on! They won.  That was good!
We had another 5th Quarter afterwards. Here’s a picture to prove it:

We had fun – DUH!!! 
Saturday… the real excitement started!!! 
One of our friends told us about this TV show “Friday Night Lights.” He told us we would BOTH enjoy it.  We tried it. I didn’t think it could possibly be worse than Swamp People or Pawn Stars!!!! Those are not my cup of tea!
So… we tried it.  We have now watched 15 episodes!!! haha!!! We had a serious marathon!! It is such a great show… really! It sucks you in!! I don’t agree with the pre-marital sex AT ALL, but I love the main family, the strong fight against racism involved, the faith based convos/decisions, and all the drama!!!! WE ARE ADDICTED!!!!! 
I don’t want to start to tell you all about it because I would tell you everything! Jacob and I watched the first episode and we couldn’t stop.  It makes you LAUGH. CRY. GET MAD. HAVE PANIC ATTACKS. CHEER.  It’s just good! So good. It’s just one of those shows that you think about when you aren’t watching it. you think you know the characters. you give your opinion about what you think they should do. you get upset when they don’t do that thing. you try to guess what happens next (Jacob and I are pretty good at that!).  
JUST WATCH IT!!!! IT’S THAT GOOD!!! This show and “So You Think You Can Dance” are probably the ONLY TV shows I will ever recommend… so just take it! 🙂
It was so good just to be with Jacob. No worries. No emails. Just us 🙂 I liked it! I think it will happen more often. We love each other.
We’ve liked each other for a while… I think it just gets better all the time!!! Especially now that we have  A SHOW!! 🙂
Have a good Monday! 


  1. um ya'll are the cutest. ya'll were way back then and ya'll still are!!and SO GLAD you got to be lazy. if anyone deserves to be a weekend to be lazy, its you!!

  2. i've heard good things about friday night lights. now i may just have to rope bry into watching it with me. we already have too many shows.. and you don't like pawn stars?! i love that show!

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