The Girls who study the Bible at the hizzy

Just wanted to talk a little bit about BIBLE STUDY because well… it’s my fav!! it’s my heart!
HaLeIgH             AnNa 

the newest addition – eLiZeBeTh
(I thought these were very flattering photos – especially mine)
Here’s a previous team member:
She left us to go be an adult and stuff… BOO! 🙂
It’s amazing the women that God bring to Troy to lead these girls.  Katelyn came and invested lots of time, energy, prayer, teaching, etc. into these girls. She was amazing.  I knew she was leaving and I didn’t know what would happen – I knew I would STRESS OUT if I was solely responsible for 30 girls’ Bible study! AHH!! So… God brought Haleigh. SHE IS AWESOME!! So excited about what God is doing in a through and around and all up in her!!! Then… Elizabeth moved here!!!! Hallelujah!! So excited that these girls have women who are trying our hardest to follow Christ to love on them. 🙂 It’s good.
This semester and year we will be DIVING into the book of… JAMES!!! Kind of scary and exciting and terrifying and jolly all at the same time.  James says some pretty radical stuff!!! We don’t just teach to the girls… we learn from the Word too!! It changes us to… from the inside out!! Are we ready?? I hope so!!! 
I love the girls. I love their excitement for the Lord – they want it, they want to know Him more, they want to know each other more, they long to be RADICAL – sometimes they (and WE) just don’t know how!! 
The boys will also be going through James this semester!!! Here are their awesome leaders:
JaCoB                     EvAn

I’m excited about the year!!! 
Here’s some of the ladies showing their hearts in a photograph!!! 

It’s one of my favorite things each week.  It’s wonderful.  
One of the girls posted this as her facebook status after Bible Study:
I might make bad decisions sometimes but one thing I know is right is every monday night.(: I love my bible study friends.

 * That makes my heart happy!! *

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