NO LABOR Day weekend!

I know you are all dying to know what we did on the weekend… well, I will tell you.
First, we did NO labor. I think this holiday’s name is silly.  It shouldn’t be LABOR Day… it should be NO LABOR Day!

Our parentals came down for the weekend!! Hooray! We had the fam together and it was glorious!! We went and picked up Caitlin from Montgomery on Friday night! She is the one that moved to a smart school that I talked about here.  I miss her lots so I am glad I got to be her chauffeur on Friday to bring her home for the weekend! We ate at Chili’s. It was yum and I felt like a ate a cow so… it was successful!

Saturday was GAME DAY!! Oh… how I love GAME DAY!!
Honestly, I do like it from the comfort of my home with my fam.  It was annoying sometimes most times at UT with lots of ORANGE, drunk people, and HEAT!! Gosh… it was hot!!
We watched lots of games.  The boys even set up 2 TVs so we could watch the LSU vs. Oregon and UGA vs. Boise State at the same time! We were pathetic.

MY MOMMY!! I love when she’s around!! 

Watching the games!!!! 🙂
We also had a special guest for Saturday… Mister Hank the Cowdog!!! 🙂  – Evan’s dog.
Hank had a ROUGH week to say the least! On Wednesday, Evan and Elizabeth (the girlfriend) were letting Hank out for a potty break.  Hank, as all dogs do, got really excited was jumping up and down and up and down.  He landed outside of the door strangely and began YELPING and BARKING in pain!!! His leg was killing him!! He was hurting so bad he even snapped at the two of them and ol’ Hankster woulnd’t hurt a fly! They took him to the vet –
The vet gave them some CRAZY news – apparently this wasn’t a normal break!!! They was a definite break in the leg, but there was also a spiral fracture all the way down the leg! This wasn’t just because he landed on his leg wrong – something was wrong.  It could be because he had H.O.D. as a pup, something was wrong inside that bone, something more serious, or just a brittle bone. 
The vet game them 3 options: 
1. have an $800 surgery that will HOPEFULLY work but may not
2. amputate the leg
3. put Hank down
They obviously chose #2… Hankster is now a Tripawd and we like him!!!! He is fragile right now so he can’t play TOO hard b/c he has stitches and he’s a bit uncoordinated right now.
Walter didn’t understand why he couldn’t play with his BFF/Brother even though we had many talks with him:

We are glad Hankie is okay.  He came over again last night and was doing MUCH better – even jump/hopping around!!! Good to see that!! Evan was worried about his pup pup. 
Since Walter couldn’t play/fight with him… he just wanted to touch and love on him.  It was presh:

We love our families and our pups. It was a great weekend! 

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