RAIN in me!!!

This weekend we got A LOT of rain thanks to a little thing called LEE.
Meet Tropical Storm Lee:
Lee brought lots and lots of rain and even pushed a tree onto my mommy’s garage!!!! Mean Lee! 
But… the rain got me thinking and praying.
God sends rain to clean, renew, refresh, grow.
I want those things. 
I prayed for Him to RAIN in me!! Normally, we sing or pray REIGN in me… but I want/need RAIN. 
I want to be cleaned out! I want my ugly sin of pride, selfishness, insecurities, comparison, and any mediocrity to be WASHED AWAY!!! I want Him to rain down some Holy Spirit Clorox Bleach/Windex rain to make me squeaky clean before a HOLY God!!! I want Him to clean ME out and RAIN Him in!!! 

I want to be re-newed!!!!! 
I love love love that He makes all things new!!! EACH DAY He makes us NEW!!! That’s so exciting!!! 
I need newness! I need to be refreshed and poured out of this apathetic culture that we get sucked into so easily!!! I was RADICAL! I want REAL!! I want to LOVE! I want to LIVE! I want to DELIGHT in Him and Him to DELIGHT in Him!!! 

I want to become something BEAUTIFUL!!! Don’t you love how after a storm, rain, tornado, hurricane… there is BEAUTY!! To be pure (to be rained out) may require pain, hurt, messiness… but there is BEAUTY waiting!!! I want BEAUTY! I don’t want to settle for the comfortable… I was a rainbow! I want my  prayer life to grow. I want my love for others to grow – that’s how we show Christ and His love! I want my passion for His Word to grow. I want my faith to grow. I want a desire for Christ in this community to grow. 

RAIN in me! 
LET IT RAIN!!!!!!! 

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