Dancing Rock(s)!

This weekend my hubby and I tried out our GREEN THUMBS! We enjoyed it!!

We totally destroyed out garden of crazy yellow flowers (I don’t have a before pic).  They were pretty, but once we started ripping them up – THEY WERE INSANE!!! There were roots and weeds and sprouts everywhere!!!
I’ve never gardened before so it was really exciting for me! I had always watched my mom, maybe planted a few flowers myself, but we worked hard this weekend!

We planted these little bushes that will grow up to be very lovely!

This guy will have lots and lots of flowers on him!!! Can’t wait! 
I like them. It was a lot of work.  We had to get all the crazy yellow guys up, get the old GROSS felty fabricy no-weed thing up, get all the gross pine straw up, avoid bugs at all cost, and then plant and re-straw the area!!!! I was sweaty!!! 

We planted a total of five boxwood bushes.  I liked this guy the best because he reminded me of my BFF 🙂

He is beautiful, skinny, and awkwardly tall!!! 🙂 
It’s the EM plant!
Then I found a perfect place for this here rock…
This is no ordinary rock!! This is the DANCING ROCK!!!! 
I don’t know why… or what was going on in my head, but when I was a little girl I named this very rock the DANCING ROCK!!!! I don’t know what was special about it except for it’s obvious beauty… but I chose it! 
I have many many many pictures of me on standing on this DANCING ROCK wearing various costumes, accessories, and dance shoes!! My mom has kept this rock and moved it to each house we have moved to.  As our house warming gift, she brought this rock down to be placed at our home now. So… of course, I recreated the picture that has been taken so many times before
And, I will leave you with a picture of Walt… because he’s a camera hog and we had fun playing outside after all out HARD WORK!!! 🙂 
He’s a CRAZY CUTIE!!! 

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  1. You are hilarious!!!! I'm so glad you have an Em Plant! hahaah I can't wait to come meet him!And you and your dancing rock is the cutest thing I've ever heard of! And Walt is adorbs as always!LOVE YOU!

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