Most ridiculous post ever…

At Bible study Monday night I said something so profound ridiculous, I felt the need to tell the entire world for a few reasons:
1. I like the rare moments when I’m funny
2. You need to keep my husband accountable!
3. You are reading my blog… so I better keep you entertained.

Here goes:
We were talking about prayer and how GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS – because HE does! We talked about how God’s answer isn’t always what we expect blah, blah, blah… and that when we pray for someone to be healed it doesn’t always happen.  I asked what the ULTIMATE healing for a Christian would be… HEAVEN DUH!
I proceeded to tell them if I get really sick one day I don’t want them to pray for my body to be healed… I want to be eternally healed… so just pray that I die! Then I can see Jesus! HOORAY!!

Then I made them promise me something…

When I die, they have to MAKE SURE Jacob cremates me (I’ve already told him my thoughts on this)! I don’t want people coming around at a funeral home and gawking at my DEAD CAUCUS (yes, I really said this)!!! I don’t want them to put make-up on my dead body and have people stare at me… YUCK!

I told the girls if I die they should not come over to my house to eat french toast for a while… because that’s where I want my ashes to go – in french toast!!! or the salt and pepper shakers!!! I want somebody to eat me – that’s the best prank ever!!! “Oh… that food was soo good, it had a different seasoning on it, huh?” “Yea… you just ate Anna!” Funny. So… if I die and Jacob invites you over for a meal… don’t eat it… bring McDonald’s!

Needless to say… the girls thought I was crazy… but why not live it up when you are dead!!! I’m not scared!!! I’ll be in heaven and y’all will be down here eating my ashes.

I know this is like the most ridiculous post ever… and somebody has probably reported me to a mental hospital but things just come out of my mouth like this – it’s okay 🙂

Here are the other 13 weirdest things that I found to do with cremated ashes… ENJOY!! 

1. You can be shot into space on a rocket ship
2. You can be exploded with fireworks
3. You can be mixed with a coral reef
4. You can be crushed into a diamond
5. You can be fired in hand-blown glass
6. You can be painted into an art work
7. You can be launched into a helium balloon
8. You can be stuffed into a teddy bear (that’s just wrong!)
9. You can be mounted into a vechicle
10. You can be the sand in an hourglass
11. You can be turned into a box of pencils
12. You can be built into a pyramid
13. You can be made into a vinyl record

What would you do?

hahaha 🙂


  1. you crack me up ann. i thought for a second that i'd like to be cremated, but then i decided against it. but those are some pretty cool things so maybe i'll reconsider. i don't plan to die, but if and when, i will most definitely have a closed casket. no one needs to see that. it's weird.

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