The week’s end…

This weekend we got to go home for a night! It was fabulous.

Walter enjoyed the car ride. He was so funny – he would put his head out the window and his eyelids would flap in the wind. Bahaha!

It cracked me up!!!

Friday night, we celebrated this wonderful lady’s 50th birthday!!! This is my stupendous mother-in-law!!! I’ve known her for quite a while!!! I was part of the fam before I was part of the fam!!!!! She is 50 – well she will be tomorrow and we had a partay for her!!! Lots of yummy food, presents, laughter, and talking!!! 🙂
It was suppose to be a surprise, but me and my lovely husband kind of ruined that! ha!

Saturday I went to see my nanny and pawpaw 🙂 It was fun. We sat around and just enjoyed being together. They are too cute. I hope me and Jacob are that cute when we are 80!! I know i will talk as much as my nanny. say crazy things like my nanny. ask lots of questions like my nanny. and still love my hubby like my nanny. hopefully jacob will put up with me and love me lots like my pawpaw. 🙂 
Then, I went to a adoption baby shower to celebrate this little one coming to her new forever family from China
Isn’t she precious?!?!?! Her name is Madison Jade!!! The man marrying us is her daddy
He was our youth pastor and his wife has been one of my many amazing role models who pointed me to Christ!!!! Can’t wait for MJ to get home!! Her little brother said that since she is from China, she will teach him karate!! haha!! how funny! Can’t wait to see how that turns out! 
Then we had more family time with the parentals and Jacob’s nanny at CHILI’S!!! it’s one of our favs!! It was delicious!!! I always order a house salad and buffalo wings (WITH THE WINGS!!) and chips and salsa of course!! YUMMM!!! 
Saturday night we drove home, put up our new entertainment center from our dear friend Katelyn (pics coming soon), and enjoyed time together.  
Sunday we went to church, I went to the Miss Troy University pageant (made me miss dancing…), and then more church!!! 🙂
It was a splendid weekend!!!!  Hope yours was great as well.

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