T-R woop woop O-J woop woop A… N-S!!!

 This weekend was the FIRST, HOME TROY FOOTBALL GAME!!! It was against MTSU!

Yahoo… Game day!! (that’s sarcastic… kind of)

You have to understand… I went to THE University of Tennessee.  Game Day there is INTENSE and ORANGE!! It was overwhelming for me.  Game Day took a lot of energy… even just to walk out of the apartment… my eyes were flooded with construction orange EVERYWHERE! Don’t get me wrong… I love UT… but GAME DAY was not my cup of tea! It’s hot… or cold. You have to stand for HOURS by drunks who are just dumb and call my bestie DIGITS b/c she has little hands… haha! But it’s just… alot.

But, here at Troy… Game Day is actually enjoyable. There’s tailgating. There’s families. There’s actually space to walk around. I don’t dread it! πŸ™‚

Troy is pretty good at football too. They win a lot… especially the Sunbelt conference championship.  They are beasts at that! And they have fun cheers like T-R WOOP WOOP O-J WOOP WOOP A….N-S!!! Pretty enjoyable! πŸ™‚

So football is great. For some reason people are obsessed with watching grown boys run around in tight pants (some boys are HUNDREDS of pound in that tight… spandex outfit… NOT CUTE!), chasing a weird shaped ball.  That’s great and all and I like to get excited about games as well… but the important part of the football game is most definitely…

DUH!!! The band NEVER lets you down!! Halftime is the Besttime!!! 
MTSU’s band was legit… QUITE LOUD I must say!!! They blared at me ALL game!!! There was about 80,000 people in there band and 1/2 of them were horns… so they tooted really loud! (Okay… I know I claim to love the band the most… but I’m not gonna use the scientific/bandy words b/c I don’t know them! gosh! Don’t judge!) Here is the MTSU band… they are large… I told you! 
Troy’s band was… phenomenal!!!! 
There show had lots of SPY music!!! It had like all the spy TV shows and it even had music from the Incredibles, Austin Powers, and more!!! SO FUN!! 
But… you have the understand… Yes, the band is crucial to a game but the MOST, TOP, ELITE, BEST thing at a football game is…
The DANCE TEAM!!!!! 
Everyone should know that! 
If there is no dance team… there is no point in a game! DUH! This is what I spend the entire game watching, critiquing, and getting excited about! And… Troy’s dance team did great!!! That’s cool for me to say b/c my past experience has not been so swell.. but Saturday made me want to be on dance team again!!! 
At UT they have the BEST dance team… for real. They won 3 national championships while I was there! They are fantastic!! At each basketball game, I was the crazy woman who gave the dance team a standing ovation!!! YAY for dance teams everywhere!!! 
It was a fun weekend. It went to Montgomery Friday night to see my lovely mommy for my birthday… we ate at Olive Garden… YUM!!!! πŸ™‚ 
Go Troy.

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