It’s my BiRfDaY!

So… it’s my birthday today.  I’m old now.
And… sadly… it’s not as exciting as it used to be b/c I still have to work… it’s just another day.

But… I wanted to tell you about my Birthday present from God.  You ask: What did you get from God?

I say: RAIN!!!!! 

I know, most people don’t think of trudging through the rain on their birthday fun… but, I did. I posted a while back about RAIN and my longing to be cleaned out and renewed (see here)!! I still long for Him to RAIN in me!!!!! I thought it was the PERFECT present from my Daddy!!! It blessed my heart.  He wants to cleanse me and for me to mature and look more like Him and I took that as a way that He was calling me closer to Him.  I am grateful! 🙂 It was a great birthday present this morning!

I also have received gifts from some of my favorite people:

My mommy bought us that BEAUTIFUL triangle table for my birthday!! That was a HUGE b’day present!! I love you mommy!

My BFF Becky sent me beautiful trinkets that were made in Bangladesh. I love you Beck!
My BFF Lindsey Jo sent me an AWESOME necklace that was made in Uganda!!! She’s so self-sacrificing!!! I love you LJo

My BBF Emily got me the game Quelf!!!! I can’t wait to play it!!! How exciting!!! i love you Em! Also… it my stats part of my blogger I saw that someone found my blog by searching for “awkwardly tall people”!!! hahaha!!! 🙂 love you!!!

My hubby bought a goat for me!!! haha! He told me that and I was SO confused – I was thinking “What are we going to do with a goat? We don’t have a privacy fence!” haha!! For real – He gave a goat to a family through Samaritan’s Purse in my name!!! So special and exactly what I wanted!!!! I love my hubster A LOT!!!! I don’t have a picture of MY goat, but I am guessing it looks a bit like this:

My Good Friend Haleigh got me a pretty cross bracelet and a car air freshener!!!! Maggie is smelling fresh! 🙂
Also, my hubby (b/c he is so sweet)  had cake for me at youth group… NOT just ANY cake… the BEST cake in the world = LINDSEY JO’S DIRT CAKE!!!! And Ms Regeina’s yummy, beautiful cake!!!!! It was presh! 

So special!!! I am a blessed lady!!! 

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