Friday Fav!!!!

It’s Friday!!!! HOORAY!!!

Tonight we are going to see the movie Courageous with our college group! We are pumped! I will let you know how it is!!!! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is the Troy vs. UAB game!!! Pretty exciting! Remember… I was a UABer, 
(Jess on the L is getting MARRIED next Saturday – woot woot!!!)
but now Troy pays my salary so I am definitely a Troy fan too.
Also, I wanted everyone to read the best poem ever written… b/c she wrote it because she loved me!!! READ IT!! πŸ™‚ It’s from EMILY!! 

Dear Ann,
I’m a big fan.

You always make me laugh,
And you burp like a man.

You are quite loud,
But stand out in a crowd.
You’re absolutely gorgeous,
Though not bosomly endowed.

We shared a bunk,
Til you married a hunk.
When we got back from Africa,
Your feet really stunk.

You moved to Troy,
Where you spread the Joy.
Now, you’re a momma to Walter,
A hyped up little boy.

You rap in sign.
And it blows my mind.
You got mad skills,
And I wish they were mine.

You sure got class,
But ain’t without sass,
If you don’t visit me soon,
I’ll kick your… bottom πŸ™‚

Let’s be neighbors one day.
We’d frolick and play.
Our kids would starve,
But we’d laugh the days away.

You’re my best friend,
And apparently my twin.
With love from Emily,
I’ll love ya to the end!

That’s so fun!!! What a good birthday present! 

Now for the Friday FAV!!!!! What is my fav restaurant you may ask… well… there a few.  (To clarify… I have told you my fav food… but not my fav restaurant)

For breakfast it it: 
For a nice sit down dinner with my fam: 
My fav place with my fav tea and my fav chicken salad sandwich and just my fav:
And my new fav with my fav salad in the world (and the only fav I can get in Troy):
The end. Enjoy your Friday!! 

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