The Magic of Matrimony!!

This weekend I had the honor of being in a precious friend’s wedding.  It was a perfect weekend!! The weather was GORGEOUS. The celebration was fantastic. And friends were together again!!!! It was magical!!

Here we are at the rehearsal dinner looking all snazzy!!! Here’s the breakdown from left to right:
Caitlin – from Bham, Chrystal – now lives in Las Vegas, Jess – the bride!, Christina – lives in Washington DC, Chesney – from huntsville, Katy – live in Bham, and me!!! 
They are GORGEOUS girls! And I have missed them LOTS AND LOTS! 
The rehearsal dinner was fun and yummy. Then we danced the night away with a live band!!! It was a blast!! 
Saturday morning we had breakfast at this swanky, quaint tea room in Huntsville.  It was adorable!  
Here I am with the BRIDE!!! Hooray for wedding day! 
Here is the stunning bride!!! She was breath-taking!!! We joked with her when she was taking all fun fancy pics that it looked like she OWNED that mansion behind her!! She was HOT! She was so happy… and I loved it.  Her beau (I didn’t take a pic of him… oops) got teary when he saw her walk down the aisle… but who could blame him?  A pretty luck man!! They are currently in Bora Bora!!!!!! I’m a bit jealous! 
Here are the maids of the bride.  We look pretty good! Aren’t the flowers stunning!!! We took lots and lots of fun pictures. It was a great day with old friends… I loved it! And Jess got married so… it was a success. Mission accomplished! 
The flippie floppies were part of our bridesmaids’ gift!!!! HOORAY!!! Do you see those shoes I wore b/c I love Jess… they were REALLY high heels.  My feet don’t enjoy those AT ALL! So… Jess, being the kind person she is, gave us those elegant flip flops to change into for the reception so we could get jiggy without breaking our face!!!! And get jiggy we did – electric slide, cupid shuffled, and I learned the wobble (sp?).  We sang at the top of our lungs to DON’T STOP BELIEVING!! It was fabulous!! I loved it and so thankful I was a part of the weekend! 
Congrats Jessica and Jonathan Walker!!! 


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