Odds & Ends…

Here’s a few odds & ends we have added to the hizzy!!!! 🙂

Jacob hung me up a towel rod for the guest bathroom.  Now we won’t have an awkward towel laying in the sink. Hooray!! It looks very snazzy! 

Here’s the entertainment center we retrieved from our good friend Katelyn’s house!!! It works perfect! Our oversized TV even fits in there all snug in a bug on a rug!!!! It’s fantastic! 

Speaking of Katelyn, look at the AWESOME present she got me for my birthday! It’s a metal I LOVE YOU hand!!!! It’s currently in the naked green living room! I like it there, it just needs some furniture to go with it.  We have to take it slow people… we aren’t made of money! 

Speaking of birthday presents, this is what my brother got me!!!! It’s so great and absolutely perfect!!!! It found its home on the cross wall!! 

The new guy is the one in the top left!!!!!! It’s great!!! I adore my cross wall. It’s so festive. But it’s not meant to be a tool that familiarizes my heart with the cross. I always want to stand in AWE of my Savior’s sacrifice! 

This is my chalkboard!!! I love it! I like to write my quiet time Bible verse on it.  This saying “Live Life You’re Saved” is one of our favorite quotes to say in Bible Study!!! One of the girls wrote it on there and I just loved it.  This little guy is in the kitchen, where me and Jesus hang out each morning. 
There’s more. I have plans. I have been re-fueled with ideas for the house!!! I can’t wait to do it all! 
I still can’t figure out what to do in the gold bedroom though… boo me! 

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