hip hip HOORAY!!!! 

He looks so handsome and perfect and I can’t wait to meet him and overwhelm him with all my love!!! Funny thing is me and Emily will be meeting him at the same moment… so… he really might be a bit overwhelmed!!! OR maybe he’ll relish in our excitement, loudness, and craziness!! Then we will REALLY know he’s Ljo’s kid!!!! That will be the tell-tell sign!!! So… here he is:

That is Emily in the floating box… she was smart and skyped with the new nephew before all the people flocked to him.  I wasn’t that smart! 

Here’s when he was born… well a little after:

He’s a healthy buddy!!!! Isn’t he precious!!!! πŸ™‚

I love him!!! I can’t wait to squeeze him a bunch!!!! 

I hope he loves his Auntie Ann!! He has about 400 aunts so he’s a lucky fella! all our girls will be fighting for his love!!! (and his mom’s cooking!!)
happy birthday hank!! 

i love you lindsey jo! Good job! He’s a hunk! 

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