Shouting. Dancing. Deliverance.

So… one day I was driving along through the square in “downtown” Troy. I looked to my left and say this on a building:
WHAT?!?!?! WHO KNEW?!?

I have no idea what the building/store is. Maybe it used to be a church. I don’t know but I LOVE it!! It spoke to me!!! This is what I want and what the Lord wants for Troy.  To SHOUT. To DANCE. To be DELIVERED!!! AHH!!! SO awesome!! It was one of those times that I just had to stop and delight in the fact that my Jesus KNOWS me. He longs for me to continue shouting and dancing for deliverance!!!! 
I will shout for JOY. I will shout FREEDOM. I will shout for VICTORY. I will shout my prayers for the hurting, the discouraged, the unloved, and the searching.  I WILL SHOUT TO MY GOD!! (If you know me… you know I’m pretty darn good at shouting… and God likes it!)

I will DANCE. I will JUMP. I will WORSHIP. I will not be ashamed.  I will not be held back. I will not be afraid. I will encourage others to DANCE with me.  I will pray against the hand of fear and timidness!!! I WILL DANCE WILDLY FOR HIM !!!!! 

I will continue to be DELIVERED from me. I will OVERCOME this world, because Jesus already has the victory!!! 

I LOVE IT!!! I want this written on my house but that might be a little gaudy!! 

Will you SHOUT? DANCE? and seek DELIVERANCE??? 

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