Hellur again.

It’s been a while. I know. I’ll explain.

Lately, I have felt like this poor little egg:

Cracked. Exhausted. I don’t know how the other eggs play into it, but I have felt pulled by 100 different people in 1,000 different ways. My spirit, body, mind, soul, eyes, EVERYTHING was frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed. I get this way at times… I wish I didn’t.  I get worn out. 
In my life, I have had amazing JOY from Christ. Crazy, dancing joy.  The past 2 weeks, one of the few times in my life, I’ve had to FIGHT FOR JOY. I’ve had to be a warrior… a honest, bold, focused warrior for my JOY and my heart’s attention.  I’ve had to remind myself that this world is so temporary. I have FOUGHT for joy.
And HE has won my heart again. He has shown me where my JOY is – in Him. He is revealing and strengthening, and giving me more victory. I am so grateful. 
I was feeling pitiful and tired because of all the things we had planned within the past 2 weeks:
  • Fall Festival
  • Fundraisers
  • Disciple Now
  • Interpreting workshop
  • Secret Church
  • Working with joy even when I would rather be ANYWHERE else
  • Orphan Sunday
  • Visiting friends and family
and the list goes on… 
Then, God showed me His glory in EACH of them. He really did. It would take me 10 pages to explain all that he’s showed me… but, believe me. IT’S GOOD! I am so thankful he uses worn out, pitiful, prideful, and moody women for His glory in His purpose!! It’s good.
Here’s just a few pictures of reasons I have JOY through Him. I am gaining new reasons each day because He has opened my spiritual eyes to see past this world’s stress!!! 
EXPECTANCY – knowing and believing God will
show up and reveal His glory! 
Friends – based on Christ. Seeing God continue to work and
transform lives in amazing ways. Turning us into BEAUTY!

My leader and best friend. Fighting for JOY with me.
Willing to wage war with Satan with me. 

Servant hearts – willing to love and play and laugh and run
for His glory and His Gospel!  

Sins and struggles laid down and the yearning for ROOTS
to GROW DEEP in Christ ALONE!!!

Lives changed at a weekend where we ENCOUNTERED Jesus!! 

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