It’s my bestie’s birthday!

happy burfday emily!!! A poem for you, about you, in return:

I have a precious friend who is so nice,
Once a awful, puny camper gave her lice.
Since we became besties she has brought me so much glee.
I love her dearly… her name is Emily.

When I first saw her platinum blonde hair,
I knew we could never be friends fore’er.
But… after making lingerie crafts for a partay,
We feel in love and were inseparable from that day. 

Emily, you are wonderful and mean the world to me,
You loved me through Jamaica, Africa, and being my roomie!
We’ve screamed out for Wayne and screamed out in prayer, 
I know for FUN or Jesus stuff… you are always there.

We have so many hilarious memories – fosters farms to name one,
I just don’t know how to explain how much i love ya – a ton!! 
I hate growing up and moving away – so far away… 
But love seeing Jesus use us crazily… it makes it okay.

Our friendship is so CRAZY – one of a kind,
Without you in my life – I would have lost my mind! 

i love you lots – every bit of you! 
We’ll be best friend forever – together forever – stuck like glue! 

You are great and you make me smile,
I can’t wait to see you – I’ll be more excited by the mile! 
I hope your birthday is grand,
I don’t know how to end this… so just know you are my best friend forever and I hope your day is special!!!  haha! 

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