This week!

This week is THANKSGIVING!!!! Here are the things I’m gonna do this week… I’m PUMPED!!!!


  • NOT work Wednesday-Sunday!! Woot woot!  I love my job… but I need a break!!! Can I get an AMEN?
  • Have a Thanksgiving dinner with my church tonight!!! I am so thankful for my church family!!! So very thankful!! I have often taken them for granted and forgotten to love them – BUT I AM SO THANKFUL!!! I am thankful for growth, pain, love, fellowship, prayer, friends. I will put some pictures up soon of me and the beautiful older more experienced ladies of the church. They are precious!! 
  • Wednesday is the CONNECTION THANKSGIVING DINNER!! I am so excited.  The idea and passion for the community bloomed from a simple thought of feeding the community on Thanksgiving.  It is finally happening and my heart is so stinking excited!!! Pictures of that will be up here ASAP!! Be in prayer! 
  • Wednesday after the meal… me and my honey are HEADING HOME! Can’t wait to be home with the fam! 
  • Thursday is TURKEY DAY = lots of food. lots of laughs. lots of family!!! i love and am SO thankful for my family! For lunch we are going to my mommy’s family at my aunt’s new house! I can’t wait to see all is swanki-ness!  For dinner we are going to Jacob’s fam! We are gonna look like puffer fish with all the food we are gonna gobble down!! YUM! I’m pumped MOST for my aunt’s mac and cheese!! it’s the best!! It has like 7,000 different kinds of cheese and it’s baked.  Ya know… I’m not much of a cook so I don’t know the specifics I just know it’s GOOOOOOD!
  • Friday when most of you crazies are out shopping, I’M GOING TO NASHVILLE TO MEET THIS CUTIE: 

I finally get to meet IH!!! I’m so excited! Not to mention… I’m pretty jealous of the birthday shout out Em got!! Why can’t my bday be AFTER IH’s??? Ugh…
I know we are gonna laugh and coo and cuddle and be best friends.  Don’t worry… we will talk to IH too!! haha!! I KNOW pics will be put up of this man too!
Needless to say… I’m pretty thankful for Thanksgiving week.  
Here’s some other things I’m thankful for this year:
Girls that i LOVE and are hungry for Jesus like I’m hungry for mac and cheese!!! 

Girls who LOVE Jesus and ASL and are willing to dance and praise in front of a congregation!!! 

My mommy!!!! 🙂 Thankful for time together at the Chris Tomlin/Christy Nockels concert, lots of shopping, and good food!!! 

Thankful for a wonderful hubby and a precious niece!!! 🙂 

Thankful… most of the times… for a CRAZY dog! He looks insane right here… he kind of is, but he brings laughs all day long except when he poops in THE FLOOR – he’s done it twice this week!!! AHHH! We still love him… we just want him to control his bowels! ha! 

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