Truly Living in Twenty Twelve

Ahh… a great blogging hiatus… I love breaks. 

Christmas was great! I will share more about the holidays later.  

I just have to share what I’ve been challenged with through this book right here:

  You know… the Resolution for Women  birthed from the movie COURAGEOUS!!! 
My mom got it for a giveaway for something with the youth… I decided to keep it. 🙂 It’s slapping me in the face already.  
The book, by Priscilla Shirer (LOVE HER) goes through 13 slap-you-in-the-face resolutions that can only be accomplished with some Holy Spirit power!!! 
The first one is doozy! 

I resolve in the year 2012 and for the rest of my life to live as a woman of CONTENTMENT! AHH!!! We live in a world, a body, a mind that is ALL about some discontentment. You need more, you aren’t good enough, you haven’t done that, you haven’t been there, blah, blah, blah. What would it look like for the woman who belong to Christ to live in CONTENTMENT? Most of the time in life… we are just there… I want to soak it in, relish it, cherish it, celebrate it, appreciate it.  Read her words… (I’m changing them a little…)

…Before us stretch another year, populated with all the things, people, events, relationships, and milstones that would make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience-my only chance to fully by the person I’d be at this age and in this season. Only for the coming year will my husband be exactly like THIS…. And if I chose to hurry through the year in an attempt to avoid the parts I didn’t life (work, stress, confrontations, struggles, daily things, etc), I’d simultaneously miss all the things I WILL like about this season. 
If we rush through life, we will be subtly devaluing those around me and the experiences I will be involved in, not appreciating the important and significance they bring to my life in that very moment, not grasping my responsibility for holding dear and treating well these gifts God has entrusted to me!!!! 


Got me like a dagger to the heart.  I so often wish for the weekend. I think about a future time in life when money is available. when friends live close. when life has no stress. when my work looks different. I NEED TO LIVE FOR THE HERE AND NOW and do what God has purposed me for NOW… 

I feel like Priscilla in a lot of ways… especially the past year:
Instead of embracing the privilege of being a blessing to my husband…, my friends, and others, I’d been quietly communicating that I wanted them to change and speed up, to get busy being somebody else, someone whose more in line with WHAT I WANT and NEED, hurry along to a place where they could make me happier than they currently do.

HOW SELFISH! How true of my heart sometimes… I DO NOT WANT THAT ANY MORE. 

I am resolving to be content. I want to live as a surprisingly content woman – inviting people to talk, knowing I will listen. loving on people no matter how “busy” I am or could be. cherishing the now with my hubby. treasuring the age of 24 and the life we live in Troy! I want to be refreshing… joyful… free… loving… and pointing to Christ… the source and reason I am content.

I don’t want to be stingy with my time, energy, money, things, love… I want to give freely, KNOWING my God will overflow into me and satisfy me… MORE than satisfy me!!!! Yes, I want that! 

In 2012… I am to be a women marked by contentment in Christ, in who I am, in WHOSE I am, in what He is calling me to do/be, and in my season of life- WHATEVER that looks like. Yes, I know it’s scary to say because we saw and experienced lives flipped upside down… shaken to the core, and never the same again. I am resolving to be content… no matter what.  Although circumstances change… my Savior DOES NOT!!!! AMEN! 

Wanna be content with me?? DIVE in to his love! His Freedom! 

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