devastation and beauty

once again… tornadoes in my sweet home alabama. This time… even more close to home… it is home.
My family and friends are all safe and sound and joyful, but my hometown’s makeup is destroyed. Pictures of familiar things… but unrecognizable at times. It breaks my heart. i want to be home. i know there are countless stories of hope and Jesus’ protection and I can’t wait to hear them… but my heart wants wholeness and comfort for my home. 
my in-laws’ (you must understand that my in-laws are not people I dread to be around like some wifeys. My in-laws are some of the most precious people I know and were instrumental in loving on me and molding me into the person I am) neighborhood was hit hard. they heard crazy noises from their staircase – crying and praying. my mother-in-law didn’t think they had a house left… but they do. God’s protection. 

I was going through the facebook photos of the devastion – it’s crazy – and I found this picture:

I know… just another building hit by the tornado, another family hurting, just another…
Well, this isn’t just another building to me… this is the house (the green one) I grew up in. A house I adored… on Spanish Trace in Clay, AL. Me, my mom, my dad, and my Barbies shared this house for many years. this hurts my heart. So many memories in that front yard, in the structure that’s left. It was the coolest house ever… really. Ugh… 

There it is again (the green one). 

Wow… it’s just so real. I don’t have anything profound to say about it… just hurting for my home. I know God has planned GOOD from this. He will make beauty from ashes. He will bring glory to Himself… He will. Right now… my heart is aching as I know many are. I will praise and worship because HE is Good and Faithful and will forever be! 


On a different note. I DO see beauty in my life… all around. I just want to highlight something in my life that I just want to talk about… my hubby. 

He is amazing. I am going to tell you things about him that I love… just so that I can be thankful for him and so that you know there are AMAZING guys out their LOVING Jesus! 

  • He tells me how much he loves me and how happy he is that I am his wife… everyday.
  • He has NEVER made me feel not good enough, except for cooking but that’s understandable. 
  • He never talks about other girls… ever. That is such a blessing to my insecure heart. I never feel inferior to other women… except from my own heart’s comparison. He blesses me so much in that way. I know there are prettier, more voluptuous, curvier, sexier women out there.. but he has never made me feel like I need to strive to look and be like them. He loves ME! 
  • He loves Jesus. He leads me. He talks to me. He knows me because Jesus gave him a special heart to love a crazy me, to discern my heart in ways I can’t understand, and to pray for me like a husband should.
  • He teaches me. 
  • He laughs with me.
  • He adores my heart. He encourages me to follow hard after Jesus – whatever that looks like. 
  • He believes in me. He let me write the material for our youth’s Disciple Now last year. That meant so much to me because it showed me that he believes in me, trusts me, and knows God uses me. How awesome! 
  • He cries when I sign songs!! 🙂 How corny and sweet. He sees Jesus and passion in me when I worship through sign language. 
  • He lets me love on him. He lets me be sappy with him… he doesn’t tune me out (unless there’s a REAL important football game on).

I think you get the picture. I’m a blessed girl and so thankful for a husband I absolutely adore! 🙂 

Praying for BEAUTY… despite DEVASTATION.


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