BeLiZe BoUnD!!!

Jacob and I are taking a group of youth to Belize this summer to share the GOSPEL with the people there. This is the youth’s first foreign mission trip (and a first the youth parents who are going), so it’s a big deal. We are REALLY excited about what the Lord is going to teach us, reveal to us, and do in the planning stages and when we are there. We are curious about how exactly He will use us!!! I know I will be blogging about it lots… so get ready! 🙂 
Some of you are probably wondering… “hmm… I have heard of Belize but I’m not exactly sure where it is.” Well.. I’ll help you out. It’s right here:

Because me and Jacob are both going… it’s a bit pricey. We have never thought money as an excuse of not doing something for the Lord… so it’s not gonna start now! We have to raise $3,200 in a few months – but I got to experience a time that My Big Awesome God raised over $17,000 in 3 months for Africa… so this ain’t no thing! 

My wonderful ma got be a sewing machine for Christmas. I love it! We got to thinking about how to raise the money for the trip in a creative way.  I remembered when I was in middle and high school, my mom made these really cutesy purses that everyone adored. So… we decided we would make some of those purses together, since I am a sewing genie now, and sell them as a fundraiser. 

Do you know anyone who needs a purse? Ipad carrier? Fun hat? A new bag to sit in your closet? A gift? Well… if you do… I AM SELLING THEM! 🙂 Hooray!! 

Do you love Alabama or Auburn? Buy one of these! (If you like another team… I can make you one with their logo on it)
Do you like zebra?? I sure do!! Buy one of these! 

Are you a country gal whose favorite color is camo??? Buy this one! 
Do you adore bandanas?? I do! I would wear one everyday if I could! If you are like me… buy one of these! 

They are reversible, hand-made with love, and support us in our adventure for Jesus to Belize!! I don’t have a price… just whatever you want to give! If you want one (or one like it… we have a ton of different kinds and fabrics), just email me at Would LOVE to hear from you!!! 

If you buy something or not… PRAY!!! Prayer is powerful and we covet your prayers for us as we lead the team, for our team, for the people of Belize, for God’s will to happen, and for Him to get ultimate and amazing glory! 

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