just another fabulous friday in february

Hello there.  – I don’t know why, but I always feel like I need to greet the world before I start vomiting away. So… hello. 

This week has been good. I felt felt very overwhelmed and satisfied (at the same time) by Jesus this week. I have not been afraid of things I have feared even last week. He has assured me. He is just really good. 

Jacob and I are going on a marriage retreat this weekend. I’m pumped… I think Jacob is too. It’s not anywhere special… just Montgomery. But I am so looking forward to us time… JANNA time. Janna (Jacob+Anna=Janna) is what our high school friends called us even when we weren’t dating (we swore we didn’t like each other for like 4 years… but obviously… something was a brewin’). I don’t know what marriage retreats look like so it should be entertaining, enlightening, and enjoyable! 🙂 I feel like a baptist preacher when I do that with words.  “The 3 E’s of a marriage conference”.  Ha! Anywho… I will let you know how that goes… all the awkward moments, the great moments… don’t worry I will leave out the Victoria Secret rated moments.  ha! 

Sunday, we are heading up to the Ham to be apart of Jared’s ordination service. I am excited about that and so honored to be there for it. I’ve told this keyboard before (because I don’t know who I am actually telling) that Jared has been a brother to me since I was in the 7th grade. I have seen God grab hold of him and never let go. He has impacted mine and Jacob’s lives in so many ways!! Excited to share this day with him, Ashley, and JoJo. By the way… here’s a pic of me a JoJo… ain’t she presh? 

Another thing I am excited about is a video I am making for Bible Study!!! it’s FABULOUS!!! It’s Valentine’s ya know… love is in the air… so we need to have the annual sex talk in Bible study.  I decided to recruit some help this year! From whom you might ask… well, I chose these love experts:
Please note the puffiness of my checks… I had just had my wisdom teeth taken out, had to be driven to school by my mom, thrown up lots, and was determined to dance the night away at BARN PARTY with the BESTIES! 🙂 All worth it.
We are all in different stages in our life and it’s just beautimous!!! We have the old married one (even though she’s younger than me), ENGAGED one, single one, married one (me), and dating one!!! 🙂 I asked them about making a video of their thoughts, what Jesus was teaching them, and what the importance of purity is to each of them! They were pumped to make the videos, and can I tell ya… they are hilarious! 🙂 I can’t wait to show them to the girls on Monday! I am editing them, putting them to music, and adding some sass to it!! I love it! 🙂 I am so thankful for friends that are willing to make crazy videos, talking about Jesus and encouraging girls they barely know! That’s true friendship… it really is. I hope you all have a Lindsey Jo (to make you laugh and keep you grounded), a Ami (to pray for you, laugh with, and show you true strength), a Beck (to keep you thinking, determined, and in line), and a Em (for all the in betweens and so much more). It’s just good… God knew what I needed when I moved to the UT! 

Something interesting you may not know about me… I LOVE ZUMBA! 🙂 It’s so stinking fun. We have a fabulous ZUMBA teacher here in Troy! 🙂 great right? But I just love going, making new friends, looking crazy, and dancing the night away.  Zumba can make a girl feel pretty sexy (minus all the sweat and body odor). I think all women should feel sexy and worth it! It’s important. When you feel good about yourself, you feel good about your husband, friends, plans, life, and everything else. So… you should all go to Zumba! If you are ever in Troy… let me know and we will definitely go because Zumba-Master Sherri can make ya feel like a million bucks and ready for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show – okay, maybe not that sexy but… o well. 

I am excited about life right now. I see God moving in VERY tangible ways. I see my prayers being answered… clearly. I see things happening and changing. I see Him making a way. I don’t want to miss out. I want to be right in the middle of His movement. I want to hear all about it. I want to be obedient. I want to fight for joy and fight for freedom for myself and for my friends. 

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