This is my new door hanger! I love it! 

When we moved into our home, one of our friends wanted us to order a door hanging (they are made by one of the ladies in out church… amazing) and that would be our gift from her.  Well… I took this very seriously because I wanted it to me perfect.  I love the cutsie holiday decorations, but I didn’t want it for our home. I wanted this hanger to be something that spoke TRUTH over our home.  I thought about getting a WORD… because I LOVE words.  So I thought and thought about the perfect WORD for our home. The word that was spoken over and over again to me was JOY!  
That was to be the word for our home… a house of JOY! God has called me and our family to be a JOY-GIVER… and our house should be filled with it!!! 🙂 
That doesn’t always mean we will be happy… but it means that we will always point to the SOURCE of joy! It’s a great thing we aren’t responsible for creating JOY… we just rest in His! 
In our marriage… we have had some difficult conversations (as I’m sure is true with all marriages). The conversations, confessions, and things that have brought the most hurt and tears have also brought the most JOY… because God is faithful. JOY comes in prayerfulness. He gives VICTORY! 
After one of those conversations with Jacob, God showed me Psalm 20! I fell in love!  It’s all about David crying out to the Lord for VICTORY… JOYFUL VICTORY! That is my hearts cry too. Here’s what I want written on our home (not literally… i know that sounds like something I would do but… no, that’s a bit tacky)

4 May he grant your heart’s desires       

and make all your plans succeed.  
5 May we shout for joy when we hear of your victory       
and raise a victory banner in the name of our Lord.
 May the LORD answer all your prayers. 
Psalm 20:4-5

I want the words JOY and VICTORY constantly raised over our house!!! We will continue to wave our banners and fight for both in this house of JOY! We are believing. We are fighting. We are rejoicing. We are dancing. We are singing. We are lifting Him high! 

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