We did it. The first youth Sunday at Southside Baptist… it happened. Not because of us FOR SURE… but because of God talking to some high school girls and them listening.  You can read the story here
Practicing before

I really don’t know what to say… I know that crazy because I never shut up… but the day was so good and SO GOD! There were youth singing and playing instruments with Jacob and Hunter (the bromance). It was so awesome. The fact that those students were up on stage in front of the congregation and their peers was a total God thing (especially for the pretty girl by Jacob… love her). We had the band and the youth choir. The choir kept growing and growing and kids kept coming and wanting to join in the awesomeness. That’s how Christianity should be.  People shouldn’t be appalled or disgusted with our hypocrisy or whatever turns them off… they should be attracted by and want to join in with the BOLD… the COURAGEOUS… the JOYFUL!!! 

Basically… these students led the adults in worship. No one left. No one got upset (that I know of) about the crazed demon boxes or electricity gi-tar. God was DEFINITELY glorified. He delighted in us and we were delighting in Him for sure.  Some of the kids were so nervous… wanting to throw up… before it started! That’s how big of a deal this was. I felt like a proud momma! 🙂 And a person led in worship by youth, that we just love, like never before.  Ahh… my heart is just singing and a’screamin’!!! 

After the music part of worship… one of our dear friends shared his testimony as the message. Barrett Foster… a miracle… shared his story.  Sadly… I have never written a full post about him… because in my frazzled head… I think if I don’t write or talk or think about the bad/scary/tragic then it didn’t really happen.  I wrote a little here, but it doesn’t scratch the surface of what has happened in the past year. 
His story doesn’t start here, but a huge part of what has molded him, Michelle, and their kids started Jan. 25, 2011. Barrett’s truck met a tree. I don’t know the specifics, but the collision basically broke every bone in the left side of his body.  His lungs collapsed. His skull was fractured. He was resuscitated multiple times. He was treated by every kind of doctor imaginable… and they admitted that only God can help. Barrett was in the hospital for 6 months straight and is constantly going back for therapy and visits. Barrett shouldn’t be here. But he was and he is. His kids became our kids. We became a part of the Foster family and their story has become a major part of ours. Barrett wasn’t suppose to live. He did. Barrett wasn’t suppose to use his arms. He uses both of them. Barrett was suppose to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Barrett walks… 

He’s a miracle and God is amazing. Barrett’s story is definitely not a story of medical genius or a miraculous surgical procedure… his story is God’s story. I’m so thankful I am able to be a part of this story. God turned beauty into ashes… and is still doing so.

You can see Barrett’s wheelchair that was used for his
testimony… not his transportation.

Since my brain likes to live in Utopia… I never went in Barrett’s hospital room. I stayed in the waiting room… praying, loving on my new family, and only holding on to the positive HOPE.  I don’t regret doing that because I KNEW Barrett would be HEALED. I never doubted. I never saw anything to prove anything else. I just believed in God’s voice. I have seen God work in so many ways through this one family’s story. That Tuesday night in January or last year was so grim and dark standing in the hospital waiting to hear SOMETHING.  But… seeing Barrett STANDING on stage… this past year has been nothing less than miraculous… challenging – HECK YES!, painful – so many tears for all involved, iffy – YEP!, confusing – lots of questions… but miraculous – MORE THAN ANYTHING. 

I know I said I didn’t have anything to say… I lied. 

I am thankful for yesterday. God is faithful. I am claiming REVIVAL… I am believing. 

Here’s my hubby… our bold leader. My favorite thing in marriage is seeing Jacob being used by Jesus… it happens often so life is good.


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