Happy Birthday Hubs!

Yesterday was my hubby’s birthday! He’s 24… old man! 

I love my hubs. He’s a great man. He’s my best friend. He KNOWS me. He makes me smile even when it’s the last thing I want to do. He is a dreamer. He cares for people (even when he doesn’t want to). He loves youth ministry. He hates mediocrity. He loves learning but hates homework. He is a meat & potatoes kind of guy.  He has loved me since I was in 7th grade… with bangs AND braces! I have loved him since I was in the 10th grade… I saw his servant’s heart and knew I was gonna marry him… creepy! He loves to laugh. He is a movie fanatic. He is a truth speaker. He loves his family.  He is a product of people loving and investing in him.  He is a preacher of the Word and a singer of worship.  He loves Walter. He gets the words to songs wrong a lot… and I laugh. He is a leader. His spiritual gift is discernment… and mine IS NOT! He loves people well. He is a fisher of men.

He is great. 


You are loved… and very much so! 

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