AHHH!!! That’s what I have felt like recently! It’s been out of control busy around here. I told Jacob last night… I have been so tired I can’t even sleep? Ever felt like that? Maybe I’m the only weirdo… but I doubt it.

There’s been really great things going on… we had our annual ITP AIM (Alabama Interpreting Metamorphosis) Conference this past weekend! This conference is pretty awesome because it’s STUDENT RAN! They do everything from coordinating interpreting, to arranging the schedule/presenters, to setting up a silent auction, and everything in between. It’s a really neat experience and really builds the character and professionalism of the students. It was a major success!… but it wore me out!

We are still meeting and doing activities to prepare for our summer mission trip to Belize! I’m excited… but it’s weird being on the other side of it… you know… being an adult on a trip.  It’s nerve-racking. Not only knowing you are gonna be responsible for youths’ lives in a foreign country but also seeing the intense spiritual battle that happens when you are planning for a mission trip.  These kids (and adults) are getting SLAMMED! It’s nuts!

We took a Spiritual Gifts test on Sunday with our team. I thought that was fun… to see “what” we were bringing with us and “who” was on our team.  I took one of these tests when I was in youth and God has surely grown or revealed my ‘real’ spiritual gifts to me as I have grown up in Him.  My top (that doesn’t sound like the right word) gifts are Teaching (I would NEVER have thought this a few years ago.. I can’t talk in front of people very well, my ideas just seem crazy to me, and I never thought I was “teacher” material) – I using a lot of ” ” today, huh? – Knowledge (WHO KNEW??…), Faith (I’ve always known this one), Hospitality (I’ve always liked to talk to strangers… or walls… whichever would talk back), and… Healing!! Now… this last one is pretty new and crazy to me. I believe… o I believe He has given me the ability to see the impossible. I believe because of Jesus… He can use me to heal.  But… as my wise and discerning husband said to me last night… I don’t only have to power/gift to heal physically but God wants to use me to HEAL SPIRITUALLY.  Sometimes I think it’s easier to believe He can heal physically than it is to know He will heal hearts. I am struggling with that right now…

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 1 Timothy 2:1

This verse has been very overwhelming to me lately. I mean…VERY. I LOVE working with the girls in our youth and college groups… I mean it is truly my heart’s joy! Until now, I have NEVER felt “mommish” to them. I have never felt WORRIED about them or felt like I had to protect them. I have always felt that I am their Teacher, Mentor, and Prayer Warrior, but lately the feelings of worry, awareness of spiritual warfare, and urge to protect has intensified by a MILLION! These girls are in a battle everyday… and I FEEL it! I literally feel it. I know that’s weird. I’m sure my mom felt like this with mom MANY times. Being overwhelmed with me and my decisions, wanting to do something… but deciding to love and pray and love some more.  I want to do the same… it just gets overwhelming when it’s 15 girls who are laid SO strongly on your heart.  What can I do? Fix them? No… I pray! Where do I start? I have no clue… prayer is tough… I SO believe it is the most powerful tool (WITH the Bible) that we have to combat this world, but my heart doesn’t always understand it. Anyone with me??? 

The word INTERCEDE means to INTERVENE. I love that! I get to intervene for these girls. To plead their case to a Holy and Loving God. And He listens. And He answers. It may not be immediate (preaching to myself) and it may not be what I expect… but He HEALS and RESTORES and FREES! I am banking on those promises. 

I am thankful for the other leaders who are praying and INTERVENING with me. I am thankful for HEALING… for HEALING the sick and the captives! 

Who are you INTERVENING for? 

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  1. Ann!!! love this post! you are awesome!!and i totally get what you're saying! too tired to sleep!the overwhelmingness of so many people to pray for!when you figure it all out, please and let me know :)love you!!

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