I can see clearly now…

I went to the eye doc today… it’s been a while.

I have a strange eye situation. I only use my right eye because my left eye has amblyopia (it means lazy eye… my muscles didn’t finish growing… they just stopped). So basically my brain ignores my left eye and just uses the right guy for all it’s visual information.  I only wear one contact… in my right eye – it’s the better of the bad.  God just made my eyes to have problems.  I feel bad when I think about people in the old times… what did they do if they couldn’t see? No glasses… no contacts… gosh! AWFUL!

I’ve always had poor eyesight… it’s hereditary… from my nanny.  People used to ask me what I saw or what it looked like.  I could never really explain it.  It’s just really blurry.  Sitting in the doc’s office today… it was REALLY blurry.  The doc and his assistants introduced themselves.  I answered with a “hi! I have no idea what you look like because I can’t see, but it’s nice to meet you.” And… I really couldn’t see because my prescription got stronger by 1.0!! That’s alot! But sitting there… wishing things were clearer then what I was perceiving got me thinking… I’m often like that with God.

Able to see glimpses of His beauty and plan… but not being able to focus because I’m relying on my own vision!  Trying to get my finite and limited “eye” sight to see and explain His infinitely GREAT plan.
By doc asked me if I knew a lot about my amblyopia… I told him that I knew it meant there’s nothing really they could do for lefty and that the word meant “lazy eye.”  He looked at me and said, “It means your right eye is all you got so take care of it!”  YES SIR! 
Vision is SO important to me. I have to have vision to interpret, to see my hubby, to see Walter, to see creation… I have to take care of mr. righty. If something happens to my right eye… too bad. I have to protect my eye – sunglasses, taking breaks from computers, wearing the right contacts, etc. It’s the same with our God vision. We have to protect our vision.  We have to keep focused… keep seeking for clarity…. 
We have to be careful about the lens we use to filter how we see and live in this world.  Is our lens the Word of God… is it our own opinion… culture??? What is it? In order to truly see the world as He intends for us to, we have to depend on the lens of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.  I’m telling you… without my contact lens I’d be a MESS!!! I remember when I wore glasses.  At dance recitals, I didn’t wear them because I wanted to look pretty ya know? Well… sometimes beauty comes with a cost, because when I got on stage I couldn’t see, I didn’t know who people were or where I was suppose to be… so I’m sure at times I was flailing around trying to find my spot… not to mention the front of the stage!! haha! I can’t imagine going one day without my contacts now!!! Wooo buddy! 
That’s how we should be with the Word too.  It should be our contact lens… our filter… our clarifier.  God is not a God of confusion… but of clarity and boldness.  He wants to reveal things to us… our eyes just have to be focused on Him…. and focused through Him. 
Because I now have the right contact prescription and my eyes are all checked out… I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!! Sometimes our prescription for clarity might be a specific Bible passage, a time of worship, a loving/harsh word from an accountability partner, unhurried time with Jesus.  But… HE directs our path, He clears the way, He focuses our vision.  Stop depending on you to do it… He is the “eye doc.” I know… corny. But He is.  He takes off the old (contact) and puts on the new. He changes our heart and mind… and certainly changes our vision and passions. He is good. 

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